Monday, December 21, 2015

Please be my unpaid research team: Food in the afterlife

Anyone who eats in the Greek underworld is stuck there, with some wiggle room if your mother will let the world burn if you're not released.  Even then the underworld has at least partial custody of you.

That's the only thing I know about eating in the afterlife.  My story in question has an unspecified generic-ish afterlife, but there's Scandinavian and Germanic magic involved so if either of those places has some sort of land of the dead food folklore then I'd like to know about it.  Also anything about drinking.



  1. Well, canonical Valhalla is eating and drinking (and boasting and probably wenching) all night, then fighting all day. I don't remember specific foods being mentioned, though.

  2. There are specific foods and drink in Valhalla mentioned. Like, a magically regenerating pig, and mead from goat's horns?