Tuesday, November 24, 2015

I haz screwdrivers (but I lost my hat)

Shopping today, three stops, took the vast majority of my day, most important result: I have a whole extended family of screwdrivers and a screw-remover bit for the drill.

Before I got to the screwdrivers (it was the third of the three stops) I think I lost my hat at stop two.  There's a slim chance it will be found and returned.  More likely it'll be the third hat I've lost.  This is really annoying considering the lengths that I'll go to not lose a a hat.

But the important thing is I haz screwdrivers.  Phase 1 of try in vain to fix the washing machine can commence.

Back to getting the screwdrivers, after that I came across a stone wall topped with these nice flat stone looking things that might have actually been stone colored concrete.  It was broken, the underlying wall was fine but the stuff on top was parially broken and definitely in disarray.  Obviously I couldn't leave things that way.

It was hard work, I ended up taking my coat off to do it.  But it's as fixed as it can reasonably be without professional help.  (I'm sure as hell not a stone mason.)

After that I was exausted but not, thankfully, overheated.  I was, however, deperately in need of some form of hydrating substance  At first I thought, no problem, the place I foodshop is along this path.  Then I remembered that I'd already passed it because the Home Depot, the anti-union brainwashers that my sister once worked for who happen to be a good source when you're entirely out of scewdrivers was on the same road but closer to my house.

I wasn't going back, enough walking already.

I remembered that there was a place I had tried to go to once before that I hadn't passed yet.  Orange something.

It turned out to be Orange Leaf, a Frozen Yogurt place.  I walked in and felt like I was in Mirror's Edge.  The orange leaf logo's colors are white, orange and green.  So is everything in the room except for certain colors of yogurt and the toppings.

The yogurt was good.

Saw a gray bird shaped like an egret but larger and gray (Heron?) take flight.  It was pretty majestic.  This in spite of the fact that it pooped shortly after take off.  Antother of the same type was there too, but wasn't into the big, "Fly off majestically while discarding bodily waste," thing.

And eventually I made it home.

I didn't realize how ehauseted I was until I collapsed on the couch and didn't get up for [I have no idea how fucking long but it definitely felt like hours.]

This was all yesterday,  I never did get around to using the bought stuff to commence phase one of "Attempt to fix the washing machine in vain."

I'll have to do that tonight.

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