Tuesday, November 17, 2015

November financial post

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Things still suck, still doomed, but the quantitative value of new doomed is 1/3rd to 1/4th less than old doomed.

Interesting thing: it actually turned out that instead of catching up on old debt the best use was paying the quarterly payment that wasn't due yet (though would have been due in a few days if I hadn't paid it.)  Finances can be strange.

Then the question is, where do things go from here?  We'll definitely make it through November, so that's good.  But the three month overdue stuff is still out there.  Plus the repairs on the washing machine which, if they don't go well could end up costing more than a new washing machine. 

So there was always a big unknown.  New doomed is at least $1,630 because that's what's been hanging over my head for three months, but could be more like ... uh ... $2,400(ish), I guess.


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November was the ninth month of the original Roman Calendar,  Hence the name that means, basically, ninth month.

The switch to 12 months, which wasn't exactly 12 months since a leap month could be declared by the high priest to keep thing on track (didn't work), added two months (January and Februrary)  That's how Ninth Month ended up the eleventh month.

The reform also reduced the number of days from 30 to 29.  Julius Caesar gave it back day number 30 because he thought that a regularly scheduled leap day was better than a leap month as needed given that the second system had utterly failed to work.

And that's the November we know today.  Ides on the 13th.

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