Friday, June 5, 2015

What would you like me to get back to?

I have a lot of unfinished projects because finishing projects isn't really something that I do that much or that well.

If I had world enough and time (and inspiration and energy and effort) I'd return to them all and they'd become a bunch of finished projects.

Even then, though, I couldn't return to them all at once.  Some things would have to come first.

So, I have the question of this post.  What would you, commenters, lurkers, and any other assorted readers that don't fit into that category, like me to return to?  Are there any stories you particularly want a fresh installment of?


  1. I like pretty much everything you've been doing, but to name my favorites: recently, the "Being more than a Simulacrum" and the "Kim Possible: Episode by Episode" series; from further back, Edith and Ben and the (untitled?) band story.

  2. Twilight stuff, mostly (both Edit & Ben and Snarky Bella). But only if you didn't burn out.

    Maybe more photos?

    (KP-deconstruction seems too recent for me to count as something "to return to". Though I'd like you to continue with it anyway.)

    --- Redcrow

  3. It's all good.If you want me to pick something at random, I could roll some dice…

    (Do not underestimate the power of dice as decision-makers. Just roll, and when you find yourself thinking "best of three", you know what you really wanted.)