Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Click-bait religion

[Originally this was going to be religious listicles and all I had worked out was Ten things... and Almost a hundred things...]

This one weird trick will let you be a decent human being
(the golden rule)

The six most important days in history
(Creation of the world, story one, from Judaism and derivatives)

Ten things God does NOT want you to do
(The Ten Commandments)

An boy and an angel go on a road trip, you won't believe what happened next
(The Book of Tobit)

Almost a hundred things wrong with the Catholic Church
(The 95 Theses)

Twelve people who get thrones on Olympus; You won't believe who has to sit on the floor
(Gods are people too, so I stand by the use of "people" above.  The 12+1 Olympian gods of Greek mythology)

Eight simple steps to escape suffering
(The eight-fold path)

Five tricks to living a righteously awesome life
(The pillars of Islam)

Eight worlds you didn't know existed (and one that you live on)
(The nine realms of Norse mythology)


I wanted to have more from a larger variety of faiths, but as you can see above, my creativity was already wearing pretty thin.  Share your own in the comments.


  1. These are awesome.


    "Chief priests hate him! Galilean carpenter has discovered revolutionary new path to eternal life."

  2. Try this simple trick to learn a whole language in 1 day! (Tower of Babel)

    1. I thought this would involve a fish or Valentine Michael Smith...

  3. An Angel led Joe Smith to this Tablet - You Won't BELIEVE What Happened NEXT!

  4. The cult of Demeter doesn't want you to know these secrets!
    (The Eleusinian Mysteries)

  5. Do you have a £250,000 portfolio? YOU DON'T NEED IT!

    Share celebrity lifestyle secrets! (All right, too generic.)

    Keep your wells free from poison with this one old trick. (Ex22:18.)