Thursday, June 11, 2015

Jensen can speak English now, I mostly can't understand him.

In 11 days Jensen will be two years and two months old.  Today was the first time I've seen him since before he was two.

He's progressed a lot in that time, and one of the things that I realized was that he said a complete, perfectly correct, sentence to me and I almost missed it.

Eewandez, while pointing to a packaged of cookies.  It took me a few times.  "I want these," he said.

With other things he said could hear bits of the English, but there was no other sentence I could really make out.  Most of what he said was unintelligible because, sad to say, he has a very thick baby accent.

Anyway, just an update on my nephew.

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  1. I think I heard that the first thing my mom understood me to say was, "I want chips". :)

    Unrelated: someone posted on Twitter saying they'd discovered "nibling" - a gender-neutral term for the child of one's sibling, coined in 1951 with about the etymology you'd guess. Cute word.