Wednesday, June 17, 2015

God's Home Town: The Divine Feminine

So, in the post here where I talked about the setting, I completely forgot about this idea.

I'm not sure why but I like the idea of God, who is Christian God because Jesus is his/her/its son, having at least two different aspects represented in different ways.

Male aspect, with which most people in town are most familiar, is a booming voice from the sky.  Any Fire and Brimstone(TM) comes from him, though mostly he's the generic nice God of pop culture, though he is concerned with sin and is judgmental.  Probably less forgiving than Jesus.

If I have stuff like the burning bush, that would be the genderless aspect of God and I don't really have a personality worked out for that yet.

Feminine aspect represents herself as a human being who generally limits herself to doing things human beings can do, and (as a result) some people don't even realize that she isn't human.

I think she probably wears low cost, highly worn clothes and resemble stereotypical wardrobe department poor-person/street person.  (Which makes a kind of sense because she doesn't maintain a residence.)

Also, she does stuff she's not, strictly speaking, supposed to do:

*Person heads into Hell to lead a trapped group of soul freeers out through an entrance only Person knows about*

Person: You jerks getting trapped ended my family's long tradi-*
Person: *shocked* God?
*the Divine Feminine is one of the soul freers with a group of semi-rescued souls*
Divine Feminine: *waves* Hi.
Person: If you wanted souls to get out of Hell, couldn't you just, you know, will it?
*Divine Feminine gives Person a look*
Person: *groan of understanding tone* Ineffable.

Person: Why do you need my help to get out?
Divine Feminine: I don't; they do. *pointing to others*
Person: You're God, couldn't you-
Divine Feminine: Oh yeah, use my powers and let all of Hell know that I've violated our treaty.  That'll go over great.
Person: Sarcasm.
Divine Feminine: Quite
Person: Blasphemy at you and a pox on your house.

*Person begins leading the group out of Hell*


* Generations long tradition of never taking sides or in any way getting involved in divine politics.  The family has a long tradition of apolitical existence in which the town's oddities are exploited for personal gain and only personal gain.  Breaking people out of Hell is a strict no-no.

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  1. I like having multiple gendered aspects of God in the story - and the way you've divided things between male!God and female!God makes a lot of sense with my experience of God-worshippers.


    Person: *groan of understanding tone* Ineffable.

    Very nice. :D