Sunday, October 5, 2014

Narnia Index

Finally time for an index for this I think.  No telling if there will ever be more deconstructions and without them I might never write more of this stuff so... we'll see where things go.

Ongoing Story:
If the heroes did their job - A collection of fragments of a version of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader in which the heroes are heroic.

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
Narnia's Food Supply - Marmalade?
The White Witch, Regent of Aslan - Propaganda
He's a Son of Adam. She's a Daughter or Lilith. They fight crime! - It started as an exploration of the simultaneous patrelinial and matrilinal nature of human titles in Narnia and then sort of went sideways.
Aslanites are on the move - We are to assume, or rather take on faith, that Aslan with the enchanting name and the beavers who exhibit straight up racism, are good.  What if they were evil and the White Witch were good?
Work Against The Emperor's Magic? - This is probably my most popular Narnia based work.  In the book when Susan asks if there's anything that can be done Aslan asks the question rhetorically with a tone that indicated, "NO!", in this story he seriously considers it.
The kicked out of magic land ending in general, and Narnia in particular - No story here, just thoughts and observations.

Prince Caspian
The Return to Narnia, and defending Edmund - The children have a more meaningful emotional reaction to realizing everyone they know has probably died of old age.
Susan, Aslan, Peter, and the leaving of Narnia at the end of Prince Caspian - A fairly direct sequel to the previous which, with it, bookends the ... book.  Horrible pun is not intended.  The previous one tells how they came, this tells how they left.

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
Not Die Alone - What the Dragon thought.
Where the crowns came from, and the books Eustace read - Where did the dragon get those crowns?  What were the non-right books that Eustace read?
The disappearing cast of Narnia - In a well written story everyone exists always even though the reader only sees them a fraction of that time.  In fact, forgetting that being "off screen" doesn't stop a character from thinking, feeling, planning, plotting, and acting even for a moment can screw up an otherwise superb story.  In certain other stories the characters... well...
Grab bag of other things from the Serpent Scene - Various things.
Eustace and the Serpent - What does it mean to be a dragon, exactly?
The Midas pool versions:
1 Let us never speak of this again - Everyone is out of character and nothing makes sense, let's just move on.
2 If I could turn back time - The mouse saves the day.
3 If the heroes did their jobs - The story that started it all.
16 things in response to Ana's latest deconstruction - Flat worlds, girding lions (not a typo), how provisions run low, breaking the fourth wall, the borg, plowing as a hobby, trying not to notice, the downsides of LARPing, and more.
Lucy, meet Bella. - Sometimes all you need to be yourself is a time traveling extra-textual character to point out that you do have a choice.

The Horse and His Boy
Edmund and Susan in The Horse and His Boy - Edmund and Susan can't bear to read the lines Lewis wrote for them.

The Last Battle
The scene from The Last Battle if Edmund Got His Wish, Version 1 - You may recall that Edmund wished he were in America with Susan instead of in Narnia.  This is about Edmund being a loyal friend and brother.
The scene from The Last Battle if Edmund Got His Wish, Version 2 - As above but this is about Susan being an understanding and supportive sister.

Aslan instead of Reza Aslan - How the infamous Fox News interview might have gone if the Lion had been interviewed.

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  1. Just finished reading all these Narnia snippets again. Thank you so much! They make me absurdly happy. :)