Friday, October 24, 2014

Cold and Wet

I'm trying to spread out posts.  The basic idea is that since I tend to not have enough content to fill up a week anyway, if I have three things to say in one day it's better to have the posts spread out over three days than to have them all on one day.

That's part of why I've had posts saying "On [two days ago]..."

Anyway, this is being written on Wednesday the 22nd.

I couldn't find my raincoat.  I think I know where my theoretically waterproof winter boots are but for some reason I didn't think to use them.

The coat I did use is in fact waterproof.  I didn't notice.  There's a surprising similarity between the feeling of cold and the feeling of wet and while the coat protected me from getting wet IT got wet (on the outside) and all of the cold of the rain went straight through it and into me.  My feet got hit harder.  My shoes and socks soaked through.

I didn't realize how badly things were going until I realized I was shivering.  I've been inside for an hour and forty minutes now, at least, I'm still cold.  Occasional shivers.

Weather.  I dislike you.

It should only be allowed to rain when it's warm.  There should be a law.

Rain gods of all stripes and genders should be forbidden from having cold rain.  (Except in places where the alternative is, say, drought.)  There are no extenuating circumstances here.  We have warm seasons, we have snow seasons, there is no call for rain when it is cold.


  1. Speaking as a mechanical engineer: water is, in fact, one of the most effective means of removing heat from a body known to existence. :(

  2. Offer the weather gods some Tang, see if that appeases them.