Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Internet, the near future, and stuff about the blog.

So I've talked to people and the going theory seems to be that I should have my internet back by now (I don't) but the person who really should know what is going on is out of the room when I talk to people.

That sounds nice except if it's true then I should have had it back on Monday.  I should have gotten it back again today.  I don't have it back.

If it isn't a simple fix (I really hope it is) then my best guess is that it's because I have a student plan.  I think it costs about half as much as for non-students, which is good, but as a student plan the fact that I'm late on my tuition payment might be a problem.  It's $2,779 and of that I can pay... nothing.  I think I'll make it through the month without losing my house, my power, my water, or my phone.  Tuition, not so much.

Being late doesn't really carry any major penalties (one time late fee, no interest charged) but one thing that it does do is put a hold on one's account and the effects of that I don't really understand.  If that's what's keeping my internet from being reactivated then I really am screwed.

This isn't a fundraising post.  There'll be one on the 15th like there is every month but I don't know how much difference it makes, really.  Some people have been able to chip in.  I got three donations in September and without them I wouldn't have been able to pay my bills.  I'd be without essentials and I have no idea how I'd be able to survive.

But I think everyone who might want to help is basically out of stuff to chip in now.  Relying on handouts was never a viable long term solution.

So, like I said, not a fundraising post.  Just time to face certain realities.  And to let you know about them.  If it does turn out that not paying tuition is the reason that my internet isn't being reactivated in spite of standard operating procedure saying it should have been done twice over by now, then, since I can't make that payment, the blog will go dark.

The way I'm online now isn't something I can sustain.  All I'm doing is buying a cheap item at a place with free wifi and using their connection, but even cheap things add up and I do not have the fucking money.  That means I'll be cut back to using the internet only at school.  (Or someone else's house.)

Functionally, for the blog at least, it'll be just like when I had no computer at all.

The coming weekend I'll be able to use someone else's internet.  I've taken a lot of random pictures, I'll see if I can turn them into image posts and schedule them so there'll be a while at least before things go dark.

I'll try to write, of course, but who knows how that'll go.

I want to cry.

I can see the blog slipping away from me and there's nothing that I can do.

My finances were supposed to be fixed after I survived last winter.  Instead everything is still fucked.


  1. I got a birthday check from my grandma recently. $10 <<< $2,779, though. :(

    1. I want to be clear that I'm not asking you to give me your birthday present. Keep your check. What follows is a general statement only. Got it? Happy birthday, and enjoy your ten dollars.

      In the general case though, every little bit helps. So if someone did have ten bucks they had no better use for and they sent it my way that would be helpful. Not overwhelmingly panacea-like helpful, but it would still be helpful.

    2. It's a $50 check. I feel like throwing a fifth of it your way is worth it. Your blog posts have brought me a lot of joy and value.

    3. If you want to, then do it. It will help me.

      Whenever donating the things that matter are:
      1 Can you afford it? If not, don't.
      2 Do you want to? If not, don't.

      Sounds like you have those covered.

    4. I actually donated before I posted my first comment - I hope it went through. And while I hadn't thought about it in explicitly those terms, yes, I asked myself those questions before I clicked the button. :)