Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Something to think about

Ok, so, remember this post?  It was suggested that it be made into a Slacktiverse post, something that I think would be a good idea, but I also think that if that's going to happen it needs more ... stuff.  Polish, structure, not-just-something-I-banged-out-ness.  Also it would be good to incorporate it with the clarification and sideways expansion of ideas described in this post.

To do these things (combine the post into one coherent well structured post that meets my standards for what is Slacktiverse worthy) you know what I could use?  Help.

Advice, examples (oh god could I use more real life examples instead of "there are like five thousand but I've forgotten all of them"), criticism, whatever.  Input.

Input that I can then use to make better output.

I mean, I thought this not-yet-made post would probably be on the Slacktiverse in mid October.  I sent out an email to multiple people asking for this sort of help and... nothing much came of it.  So, screw emails asking a few people for help.  Here's a blog post asking everyone for help.

It's not like the value of someone's input is tied to whether I know, and think to use, their email address.

I think that there are the makings of a pretty decent social justicy post in the posts here and here but to actually make that post some things have to happen:
1 The two need to be merged in a coherent non-clunky fashion.
2 Someone, someone not me because I'm too close to my own writing, has to speak up on what parts worked and what parts didn't.
3 Blind spots in the original posts need to pointed out to me.
4 Examples from real life, I needs them.  On my own I can probably grab a couple of examples of toys for children and girls, figurines of people and ethnic people, and that sort of thing.  With the help of others I hope to have a lot more examples because in some cases I know they're out there I just can't remember them (or in one case am unwilling to wade into the cesspool that is the behind the curtain parts of wikipedia to grab it) and I do not for one second believe that the ones I've encountered are the only ones.
5 I know there was more stuff but I spent too much time on four and there are very strange sounds coming from outside.

Two and three I definitely cannot do alone.  Four I can do but not nearly as well as I would with outside help.  One I can probably do on my own but I'd feel better if I had other people's input.

So, please, think about this.  And then: Respond.

If you don't want to reply in public my email is cpw at maine dot rr dot com.


  1. I love this kind of stuff, but I am kind of bad with finishing things in a reasonable amount of time.

  2. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm just not very good at things like those. I'm much better at ranting semi-coherently and then hiding again. I know. I'm sorry.

    (Those fucking pink nuggets aren't the example, by the way. There are also nuggets For Boys, so it's not "for kids and for female kids". Still ridiculous and infuriating, of course.)

    --- Redcrow, feeling guilty

    1. Please do not feel bad, of all the people I emailed you're the only one who got back to me at all (with the usual caveats for the possibility of me missing something in the clutter or stuff getting lost in the aether.)

      Please don't feel guilty, you've done nothing wrong.

    2. Thank you.

      Maybe other correspondents simply have different email addresses now? It happens.


  3. I wonder whether it might be worth merging this with a consideration of the gendering of toys and toilets (what one ends up needing, I suspect, being "people" as opposed to "people type A" and "people type B") -- on the basis that if you have that, it's all too easy for the classification to drift into "normal people" and "different people".

    1. Ha, Firedrake, I was thinking of going in a different directions and splitting the points more because yay more content (boo, having to generate it, maybe...)

      That somewhat reminds me of paleontology class where they told us when it comes to cladistics/classification, some people are Lumpers and other are Splitters.

      - Lonespark