Thursday, November 21, 2013

Good News: My arm is (probably) not broken.

It is my understanding that the only way to know for sure that an arm is not broken is to take an X-ray and then get it read correctly.  (Getting X-ray's read correctly is a crapshoot.)

We do not do that every time we bang are arms because there are ways to know for almost sure.  A doctor has done those things to me and concluded that an X-ray shouldn't be necessary because my arm is for almost sure not broken.

So: yay!  In theory my arm should be better in a week to ten days.  Also I've learned additional diagnostic tests to check if an arm is broken that they didn't teach in wilderness first aid or lifeguard certification.


  1. Hurrah, and I hope it soon stops giving you cause to think it might be broken.

  2. Yeah, what Firedrake said.

    Do you have a sling/splint/something anyway?

  3. I'm glad your arm is (probably) not broken! I hope your arm feels better soon.