Monday, November 18, 2013

ASL Class and damaged arms

My ASL class has a strict no-makeup policy regarding tests.  But what if-- NO MAKEUPS.

The reasoning behind this is that the test is given by the teacher actually signing to the class, not video or whatnot, so to duplicate it you'd need either the teacher to show up for each person needing a makeup or a video of the test and someone to watch to make sure that the one taking it didn't rewind or anything.

But it's still a problem come illness or injury.

There are three tests in the class, the first I missed due to a week long illness probably due to changing medications.  On the first school day of the week I was still able to attend classes, by test day I wasn't able to leave the house.

This morning, moments after getting out of the shower, I had a terrible fall.  I hurt all sorts of parts of me, but the only one that still hurts is my left arm which hit the counter as I went down in such a way that it might very well have gotten broken.  Am I at a hospital awaiting X-rays?  No.  Because today is test day number two.  If I miss two out of three tests that may very well put me in instant failure territory.

Today wasn't supposed to be test day number 2 by the way, the day was moved.  If it had been held as scheduled the obvious answer would be to go to the hospital and miss classes.

My point here, basically, is that a no-makeups policy, no matter how well intentioned or reasonable seeming, is utter bullshit.  Things happen.  I've had illness and now injury.  Put enough students in enough classes with this policy statistics says that there will be some who miss all three tests, or at least should, for completely legitimate reasons.

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  1. Noooooo!
    That's awful and I wish I could do something.
    It was your first class, right? So hopefully you can get to the health center or something right after?