Monday, April 22, 2013

My nephew's name is Jensen

Originally there was going to be a larger post on this topic but originally I wasn't expecting the other post to be interrupted by the birth followed by an extended period of, "You'll be allowed in in a minute... NOT!'

He is a good looking baby, and that's sort of a relief because I'd hate to be part of one of those families that goes around showing pictures of an ugly baby forcing people to try to figure out how not to let on that the baby they've just been shown a picture of is ugly.

Jensen is, so far as I know, a last name.  Then again, so is Denzel and look at Mr. Washington.

Fingers are always the part of babies that amaze me.  The feet, the bodies, the heads, the legs and arms don't impress me.  The fingers seem impossible.  The tiny little fingers, the tiny little joints, the tiny little finger nails.  It seems unreal and impossible.  Though my eyes see it a part of me just doesn't believe.

I didn't eat all day until for the ride home I realized I'd packed lunch for school.  So I got a sandwich in me in the end.

He seems to like humming.  My sister doesn't seem to have figured that out in spite of me telling her after an extended period during which I was left with the baby and everyone else was caring for her now that the two of them were separate.

Humming has the advantage of:
1 Not needing to know the words
2 Not sounding really fracking weird when you realize that you only knew two lines of a song and then switch to a different one, if you keep calm and time it right there's no obvious, "You fucked up," moment and you can do that twenty times in a row if need be.


  1. Congradulations to your sister.


  2. Congratulations to your sister (and to you, Uncle Chris!) I hope the delay was just due to post-labor fuzziness and time dilation (believe me, your brain is NOT firing on all cylinders after squeezing a human being out through your nethers), and not the sort of icky complications that made me keep my brother, et al out of the delivery room for an extra hour!

    Also, Jensen is absolutely a first name, as legions of Supernatural fangirls can tell you :P

    And yes, babies like humming :-)

    1. I actually wonder if the experience of labor will have an effect upon on her in the longer term.

      Apparently, she apologized to our mother for how she's treated her all the time that she was not in labor. I think, though have not checked, that what happened is my sister was in the most intense pain she ever experienced* and realized that she was treating our mother exactly the same way she normally did, which led to the realization that maybe she shouldn't have been treating my mother that way when she wasn't in the most intense pain of her life.


      More to the point, medically there wasn't anything particularly bad, there seem to have been some breakdowns in communication, and if it were anyone else I wouldn't have considered any negative possibilities in terms of intent, but I know my sister so there's always that option to consider.

      In this case, though, there doesn't appear to have been.


      *Which for whatever it's worth means that my sister's not taking after my mother applies to such biological things as child birth as well, since for my mother giving birth wasn't really painful, just intensive effort.

  3. Many conga rats to you and to your sister. :)

  4. Aw, those implausibly tiny fingernails. And that unbelievably soft new baby skin. Best of all the things to Jensen and your sister and you and everyone else involved.

  5. Congrats. Is your sister a Supernatural fan?

    Yup, and looking at baby fingers (especially when they are very new and spindly) is one of those amazing things that have to be seen to be believed. My niece, when she was born, had these ridiculously long toes. Couldn't quite believe it. I hope you get the chance to enjoy this experience. It can be great.

  6. My sister is not, when she discovered the connection to the name she tried to watch it but couldn't get into it.

  7. Huh. That's interesting. Did she just hear the name then in passing? I'm curious as... well, let me put it this way. My family has a habit of picking somewhat unfortunate names and I want to know the process by which they are picked. Of course, it is not my business and I'll butt out if you would prefer.

  8. She apparently had a book on names (not baby names, names in general) and something caused her to look at the surnames. Jensen means "son of Jen" she's named Jen, he's her son, it seemed to fit to her.