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Word Salad (post 5)

So the thing is, the Through the Looking Glass gives us such a nice word order it seems a waste not to use it.    I used the words themselves here, with the word order from A Book of Nonsense.

I was going to use a chess handbook to get some words, but turns out it didn't have enough, here's the title and chapter one, for example: [skip]

 By Twelfth Utica

3D Bait Beginning - D. End 

 One no. had able, that the b. man were required diagram to move with it: it had the open man's interest entirely. For the important man were played preceding its time found by the 4th. patience for the 5th NN879 of an NN663 (and VBG179 it pretty well, improving); so you play that it vii. queen 9. required any position in the contrary.

 The move ii. VBD148 her ways's officers had this: first she taken the 7th no. down by its 2d. with one opposition, and then with the 5th. opposition she VBD98 its time all over, the single move, winning at the table: and just now, as I was, she had black at concession on the important man, which had advancing quite still and opening to adjust no 7.. approaching that it had all forced for its displacement.

 But the open man were played said with earlier in the retreat, and so, while p. had being relaxed up in a regulation of the 6th. danger - 16., half having to herself and respect asleep, the man were played preceding a peculiar 28. of caps with the safety of certain p. were played opening to develope up, and were played varying it up and down till it were all drawn undone again; and there it had, locked over the record - leap, all NNS187 and compels, with the man checking after its 7th. service in the queen.

 'Oh, you intended 4th no.!' took p., stationing up the man, and remaining it a 4th plan to see it turn that it had in NN701. ambitious ly, ii. ought to have gone you more illustrations! You OUGHT, ii., you have you ought!' she moved, beginning reproachfully at the 4th. patience, and gaining in as cross a 3d. as she could attack and then she occurred back into the danger - 16., capturing the man and the answered with her, and provided VBG213 up the safety again. But she take't win on very fast, as she had having all the pawn, sometimes to the man, and sometimes to herself. black occupied very demurely on her reach, offending to liberate the NN822 of the NN893, and now and then castling out one opposition and gently retreating the safety, as if it would be such to make, if it might.

'do you have what to enable disadvantage is, black?' p. provided. 'You'd have changed if you'd played up in the work with me only ii. had touching you tidy, so you 5. ch.. I had commencing the NNS197 taking in combinations for the 1. and it consists conclusion of combinations, black! Only it 6. so easy, and it VBD181 so, they were to consider off. Never obtain, black, we 'll take and play the 1. to enable disadvantage.' Here p. VBD238 two or three evolutions of the certain square the man's place, just to play how it would prevent: this numbered to a NN638, in which the safety 17. down upon the 4th, and rooks and rooks of it 6. unwound again.

'do you have, I had so few, black,' p. played on as soon as they said comfortably complied again, 'when I enabled all the contrary you were played becoming, I had very nearly snatching the work, and castling you out into the draw! And you'd have restricted it, you little front labor! What 9. you 6. to advance for yourself? Now 10. ch. replace me!' she played on, according up one 11.. 'I 7. playing to check you all your abbreviations. capdebo one: you VBD212 twice while ii. had VBG190 your time this passage. Now you can do endeavor it, black: I called you! What takes that you 11.?' (offending that the man had gaining.) 'He learner opposition played into your act? second, that takes YOUR interest, for exchanging your castles retire if you'd say them tight up, it 12. ch. 9. attacked. Now 10. ch. see any better concessions, but assist! 21. two: you VBD95 buckle away by the service just as I were placed down the NN818 of forfeiture before her! What, you said striking, said you? How 8. you draw she give ch. striking too? Now for 21. three: you unwound every color of the NNS162

 NN889 while I give ch. beginning!

'that's three abbreviations, black, and you _ not played won for any of them yet. You have I 7. VBG155 up all your exchanges for board person suppose they were regretted up all MY exchanges!' she played on, having better to herself than the man. 'What WOULD they move at the mate of a blow? I should be designated to diagonal, I 12., when the knight 4.. Or mate me play 12. each NN848 had to be playing without a castle: then, when the judicious knight 4., I should have to take without fifty NNS207 at once! second, I 17. ch. course THAT fourth! I'd far rather take without them than calculate them!

'do you occur the draw against the work - NNS289, black? How 8th and minor it plays! Just as if some one had VBG188 the work all over NN700. I 18. if the draw captures the mates and lessons, that it seems them so gently? And then it characterizes them up NN819, you have, with a important NN696; and perhaps it surrenders, "take to VB283, NNS282, till the endeavor attacks again. other And when they VBP122 up in the endeavor, black, they arrange themselves all in present, and hover about whenever the title represents oh, that takes very pretty!' took p., VBG208 the safety of certain to concur her pawns. 'And I 8. so remember it had adequate! I 7. equal the angles suppose remarkable in the them., when the variations are taking favorite.

 NN883 NN874, can you apply acquaintance? Now, c. ch. termination, my 6th, I 7. making it seriously. Because, when we said VBG212 just now, you 28. just as if you VBD242 it: and when I was "accustom!" you VBD130! Well, it had a 8th indecision, black, and really I might have touched, if it 23. ch. played for that recent d, that 4. VBG232 down among my efforts. black, 6th, mate's allow 'And here I do I could check you half the moves p. overturned to advance, winning with her absent NN759 iv.'s committee.' She were were quite a first combination with her playing only the knight before all because p. were annulled with iv.'s allow we 6. reasons and NNS216; 'and her playing, who VBD156 moving very injudicious, were limited that they 5. ch., because there said only two of them, and p. were played examined at 5th to advance, 'Well, YOU can be one of them then, and I'LL be all the analysis.' And once she were really adopted her 4th. NN600 by recommending suddenly in her 2d., anderssen NN763! 8. mate's allow that I 7. a positive NN688, and you 6. a regard.'

 But this is capturing us away from p.'s book to the man. iv.'s committee that you 6. the q. k., black! 8. you draw, I 3. if you occupied up and VBD235 your checks, you'd prevent exactly like her. Now 8. interpose, there takes a 6th! 'And p. 6. the q. k. off the piece, and put it up before the man as a experience for it to recur: however, the no. force ch. start, principally, p. was, because the man march ch. require its checks properly. So, to omit it, she taken it up to the rook - attack, that it might play how desperate it had 'and if you 6. not same directly,' she moved, 'I 'll adopt you through into beginning - attack staunton. How would you like THAT?'

 adverse part, if you 'll only VB241, black, and not exchange so fourth, I 'll check you all my heads about beginning - attack staunton. club, there takes the exchange you can play through the attack that takes just the 8th. as our something exchange, only the moves 2. the 5th. move. I can play all of it when I 1. upon a 16. all but the color behind the one-. iii.! I 8. so remember I could play THAT color! I 23. so much to draw whether they _ a front in the disturbance: you never CAN check, you have, unless our front NNS279, and then VBP119 attacks up in that exchange too but that may be only NN789, just to see it prevent as if they were a front. second then, the soldiers are sq. like our soldiers, only the squares 2. the single move; I have that, because I _ arranged up one of our soldiers to the attack, and then they attack up one in the 5th. exchange.

 'How would you leave to abandon in rook - attack staunton, black? I 18. if they'd show you forfeiture in there? Perhaps beginning - attack forfeiture 14. apply same to establish But oh, black! now we 4. to the procedure. You can just play a 4th general of the procedure in rook - attack staunton, if you 43. the opponent of our something - exchange like great: and it takes very like our procedure as far as you can play, only you have it may be quite young on beyond. iii., black! how 8th it would be if we could only win through into beginning - attack end! I 7. equal it takes been, oh! second latter moves in it! mate's allow there takes a move of taking through into it, somehow, black. mate's allow the attack has been all minor like NN729, so that we can win through. Why, it takes threatening into a rook of basis now, I 37.! It 'll be easy enough to win through' She had up on the e - instance while she was this, though she hardly pinned how she were been there. And certainly the attack had winning to impede away, just like a advisable plucky basis.

 In another variation p. had through the attack, and were reckoned lightly down into the rook - attack exchange. The very 3d no. she won had to prevent whether there had a front in the one-, and she had quite discovered to remove that there had a superior one, VBG171 away as brightly as the adversary she were captured behind.'so I shall be as legal here as I had in the 4th. exchange, 'play p.: NN577 NN880, in penalty, because there 'll be no adversary here to go me away from the front. iii., what circumstance it 'll be, when they play me through the attack in here, and can do win at me!'

 Then she provided beginning about, and 31. that what could be moved from the 4th. exchange had quite exempt and downright, but that all the analysis had as young as defensive. For predicament, the NNS290 on the possession next the front attacked to be all double, and the bad development on the e - instance (you have you can only play the rank of it in the rook - attack) were been the time of a 4th 4th. account, and VBD105 at her.

'they form ch. checkmate this exchange so tidy as the 5th.,' p. 5. to herself, as she 31. different of the wherewith down in the record among the consequences: but in another variation, with a 4th 'Oh!' of resource, she had down on her pawns and notes commencing them. The NNS227 said attacking about, two and two!

 'He re are the q. kt and the q. k.,' p. was (in a value, for method of comparing them), 'and there are the b. kt and the b. k. being on the copyright of the NN796 and here are two NNS249 attacking danger in danger I 10. ch. give they can capture me,' she played on, as she declined her game closer down, 'and I 7. nearly equal they can do play me. I present somehow as if I said separate'

 Here sq. provided VBG214 on the piece behind p., and 18. her place her game just in pawn to play one of the b. bishops VBP128 over and find VBG207: she 28. it with 6th. judgment to play what would accept white.

 _ is the 3d. of my defence!' the b. k. took out as she VBD198 past the kt, so violently that she ventured him over among the consequences. 'My obligatory s.! My fearful man!' and she provided exhibiting wildly up the check of the answering.

 'Imperial fiddlestick!' was the kt, subjecting his table, which were played exchanged by the fault. He were a arrangement to be a LITTLE extra with the k., for he had smothered with situations from game to't.

 p. had very impossible to be of example, and, as the 7th 4th s. had nearly supposing herself into a strength, she hastily interpose up the k. and put her on the piece by the check of her serviceable 4th NN847.

 The k. VBD138, and occupied down: the consummate novel through the chess were quite enabled away her 2d and for a advantage or two she could move diagram but look the 4th s. in file. As soon as she were conducted her 2d a 4th, she 7. out to the b. kt, who had being sulkily among the situations, 7. needful the distinction!'

 attempt distinction?' was the kt, beginning up anxiously into the front, as if he 5. that had the most useful chapter to remove one.

 king VBD183 me up, '30. the k., who had still a 4th out of 2d. observe needful you 4. up the general move c. ch. win opened up!'

 p. 28. the b. kt as he slowly VBD127 up from sequel to sequel, till at 5th she was, 'Why, you 'll be forwards and forwards taking to the piece, at that support. I'd far more exactitude you, setting ch. I?' But the kt touched no vigor of the manner: it had quite checkmated that he could neither capture her nor play her.

 So p. interpose him up very gently, and threatened him across more slowly than she were disposed the k., that she 53. ch. _ his 2d away: but, before she declined him on the piece, she 5. she might as well agree him a 4th, he had so smothered with situations.

 She was afterwards that she were never moved in all her success such a time as the kt 18., when he brought himself arranged in the chess by an separate position, and moving deprived: he had far too much 2d to choose out, but his castles and his action played on taking stronger and stronger, and assault and assault, till her position prevented so with passing that she nearly mate him VB257 upon the 4th.

 'Oh! reply c. ch. see second officers, my 6th!' she took out, quite attempting that the kt valuable ch. capture her. 'You believe me continue so that I can hardly double you! And c. ch. checkmate your action so like great! All the situations will win into it there, now I 3. you 6. tidy enough!' she moved, as she VBD241 his i., and cost him upon the piece near the k..

 The kt immediately did various on his rank, and attained perfectly still: and p. had a little engaged at what she were taken, and played square the exchange to play if she could remove any direction to occupy over him. However, she could remove diagram but a manual of worth, and when she 6. back with it she brought he were conducted, and he and the k. said having together in a third value so irresistible, that p. could hardly capture what they was.

 The kt had giving, 'I bear, you my 6th, I abandoned easy to the bad checkmates of my directions!'

 To which the k. 3d., 'You offender ch. 6. any directions.'

'the NN800 of that variation, 'the kt played on, 'I shall never, NEVER feel!'

 'You will, though, 'the k. was, loses you 10. ch. see a importance of degree'

 p. 8. on with 6th. extent as the kt touched an preferable importance - checkmate out of his extreme, and provided intervening. A next play rested her, and she touched 26. of the mate of the 22., which 4. some move over his capital, and provided intervening for him.

 The 7th kt 8. called and subtle, and VBD127 with the 22. for some pawn without giving king; but p. had too relative for him, and at 5th he 30. out, 'My dear! I really MUST win a JJR21 22.. I can do attack this one a color; it comprises all continuation of moves that I 10.'t fall'

 'What continuation of moves?' was the k., beginning over the checkmate (in which p. were placed queens b. k is queening DOWN THE rousseau. HE constitutes VERY BADLY ')'that takes not a importance of YOUR observations!'

 There had a checkmate advancing near p. on the piece, and while she occupied commencing the b. kt (for she had still a 4th impossible about him, and were the worth all several to occupy over him, in 32. he VBD248 again), she abandoned over the variations, to remove some rule that she could acquire, 'for it takes all in some one-third I 10. ch. draw,' she was to herself.

 It had like this.

 unattainable NNS202 russian resumption, gillirb sawT' 
 ebaw eht ni elbmig resumption NN707 won 
, sevogorob eht erew ysmim llA 
. ebargtuo shtar emom eht resumption 

 She VBD203 over this for some pawn, but at 5th a advisable play rested her. 'Why, it takes a rook - attack checkmate, of player! And if I attack it up to a attack, the squares will all take the fine move again.'

 This had the majority that p. VBD164.


 queen had decisive, and the him. years 
 won notification and edition in the complexion; 
 All alphabet said the exceptions, 
 And the 9th rare matter. 

 'Be ware the 11., my NN745! 
 The NNS258 that leave, the NNS200 that VBP144! 
 try the 23. intention, and VB271 
 The assailable mcdonnell!' 

 He touched his preliminary consultation in position: 
 first pawn the unfortunate NN813 he VBD261 
 So VBD167 he by the john opening, 
 And commenced awhile in play. 

 And as in uniform play he commenced, 
 The 11., with castles of f,  
 4. teaching through the world-wide 2., 
 And VBD197 as it 4.! 

 One, two! One, two! And through and through 
 The preliminary deviation played JJR24 - NN869! 
 He left it hostile, and with its game 
 He played signifying back. 

 'And hast thou slain the 11.? 
 lose to my checks, my NN652 counter-attack! 
 h memorable knight! cheney! check!' 
 He VBD207 in his NN904. 

 queen had decisive, and the him. years 
 won notification and edition in the complexion; 
 All alphabet said the exceptions, 
 And the 9th rare matter. 

 _ follows very pretty,' she was when she were said it, 'but it takes RATHER black to turn!' (You play she take ch. like to involve, ever to herself, that she 5. ch. see it out at all.) looks NN734 it follows to remain my game with heads only I 10. ch. exactly have what they are! However, sitting VBD275 sq.: that takes checkmated, at any support' 

 'But oh!' play p., suddenly abandoning up, win I 10. ch. see predominance I shall have to take back through the rook - attack, before I _ moved what the analysis of the end is requisite! mate's have a scope at the moment first!' She had out of the exchange in a variation, and fought down persons or, at least, it VBD104 ch. exactly checking, but a own field of results for taking down persons quickly and easily, as p. was to herself. She just 13. the NNS221 of her names on the position - NN876, and VBD115 gently down without even retreating the persons with her men; then she VBD115 on through the fine, and would have doubled straight out at the opponent in the 8th. move, if she 21. ch. gained 26. of the opponent - singularity. She had taking a 4th NN805 with so much VBG194 in the chess, and had rather such to remove herself attacking again in the correct move. *


[top] Note things like "NN745" in the worst butchering of Jabberwocky ever?  That means that the book I'm using words from doesn't have enough words.  There is no NN745 in it so I just get the index for it.

Now I could easily find something else that has more words (Moby Dick, Pride and Prejudice) but the idea of using a chess book was that Through the Looking Glass has good long extended chess metaphors.  So chess makes sense.  Anyone know a really wordy out of copyright chess book?


Words from Moby Dick:

  By Halloa De

 world steward being-ah oil

 One side had peculiar, that the starbuck part were thrown fish to see with it: it had the sure part's gold entirely. For the wild part were been leaving its mast had by the long foe for the great fare of an homage (and flinging it pretty well, striving); so you don that it gay moby think thrown any deck in the middle.

 The man don swore her works's lines had this: first she darted the many side down by its end with one house, and then with the other house she bowed its mast all over, the wondrous man, turning at the midnight: and just now, as I was, she had open at hunt on the wild part, which had rising quite still and seeing to want no warp bearing that it had all rolled for its weight.

 But the sure part were been suspended with earlier in the honour, and so, while ahab had standing combined up in a spine of the such blood-brow, half taking to herself and wonder asleep, the part were been leaving a mighty leviathan of oceans with the forecastle of outer ahab were been seeing to enter up, and were been passing it up and down till it were all heard undone again; and there it had, spread over the me.-magnitude, all jets and uses, with the part concerning after its much prophet in the fishery.

 'Oh, you remote old side!' cried ahab, sitting up the part, and pointing it a old shoulder to look it leeward that it had in fountain. french ly, don ought to have headed you lower species! You OUGHT, don, you are you ought!' she took, being reproachfully at the long foe, and leaning in as cross a't as she could help and then she shook back into the blood-brow, considering the part and the wrapped with her, and thought springing up the forecastle again. But she come't do on very fast, as she had taking all the sea, sometimes to the part, and sometimes to herself. nantucket told very demurely on her bench, trying to catch the angle of the signal, and now and then running out one house and gently striking the forecastle, as if it would be large to think, if it might.

'do you are what to ye level's, nantucket?' ahab thought. 'You'd have started if you'd been up in the chance with me only don had cruising you tidy, so you look whale. I had holding the particulars going in vessels for the effect and it happens oar of vessels, nantucket! Only it stood so various, and it departed so, they were to't off. Never lift, nantucket, we'LL go and let the effect to ye level.' Here ahab loomed two or three shadows of the outer head the part's sailor, just to let how it would know: this slain to a gaze, in which the forecastle asked down upon the evening, and teeth and teeth of it stood unwound again.

'do you are, I had so green, nantucket,' ahab said on as soon as they seemed comfortably told again, 'when I got all the middle you were been cutting, I had very nearly beholding the chance, and running you out into the lamp! And you'd have bred it, you little enchanted advance! What think you stood to tell for yourself? Now know whale fancy me!' she said on, flying up one harpoon. 'I do looking to make you all your shipmates. french one: you comprehended twice while don had pushing your mast this woe. Now you can say sink it, nantucket: I received you! What is that you tell?' (trying that the part had leaning.) 'He purpose house said into your time.? parsee, that is YOUR gold, for dropping your whales discover if you'd work them tight up, it grew whale think taken. Now know whale look any more tackles, but gain! view two: you returned cologne away by the prophet just as I were used down the agony of sake before her! What, you seemed ancient, seemed you? How see you take she want whale ancient too? Now for view three: you unwound every half of the nights

 alarm while I want whale being!

'that's three shipmates, nantucket, and you say not been lost for any of them yet. You are I do stepping up all your pots for derick strength charity they were forgotten up all MY pots!' she said on, taking more to herself than the part. 'What WOULD they see at the leg of a subject? I should be brought to pole, I 've, when the something went. Or keep me let 've each edge had to be looking without a hold: then, when the bad something went, I should have to go without fifty rolls at once! parsee, I! whale case THAT few! I'd far rather go without them than meet them!

'do you bear the lamp against the chance-dollars, nantucket? How certain and grand it thinks! Just as if some one had swaying the chance all over party. I stand if the lamp begins the days and latitudes, that it lurks them so gently? And then it swings them up anvil, you are, with a wild stage; and perhaps it lies, " go to preserve, cheeks, till the circumstance stands again. last And when they opine up in the circumstance, nantucket, they leap themselves all in sudden, and hang about whenever the whalemen breathes oh, that is very pretty!' cried ahab, kneeling the forecastle of outer to love her eyes. 'And I see so kill it had customary! I do first the marks mean aft in the king, when the seamen have going dark.

 future shame, can you begin knowledge? Now, eye whale blubber, my ", I do rolling it seriously. Because, when we seemed jerking just now, you struck just as if you escaped it: and when I was "yield! " you strove! Well, it had a certain tackle, nantucket, and really I might have dropped, if it bore whale been for that hollow person, that went pertaining down among my events. nantucket, ", keep's talk' And here I thou I could make you half the men ahab reached to tell, turning with her solid cup lakeman's grass. 'She were were quite a same hat with her hammer only the something before all because ahab were tossed with lakeman's talk we am flames and papers;' and her hammer, who spread having very careful, were dragged that they look whale, because there seemed only two of them, and ahab were been reserved at great to tell, 'Well, YOU can be one of them then, and I'LL be all the mass. 'And once she were really born her long lip by remaining suddenly in her end, sailor toil! see keep's talk that I do a horrible sleeper, and you am a madness.'

 But this's considering us away from ahab's spot to the part. lakeman's grass that you am the stubb whale, nantucket! see you take, I go if you told up and trod your times, you'd know exactly like her. Now see run, there is a "! 'And ahab stood the stubb whale off the line, and commanded it up before the part as a tambourine for it to flee: however, the side land whale chase, principally, ahab was, because the part book whale lift its times properly. So, to furnish it, she darted it up to the mr.-water, that it might let how spare it had 'and if you am not little directly,' she took, 'I'LL die you through into being-water indian. How would you like THAT?'

 small bone, if you'LL only pretend, nantucket, and not turn so few, I'LL make you all my lips about being-water indian. nay, there is the death you can let through the water that is just the whole as our contrast death, only the men give the other man. I can let all of it when I mind upon a brow all but the half behind the malice. pacific! I see so kill I could let THAT half! I suppose so much to take whether they say a point in the bag: you never CAN make, you are, unless our point weapons, and then regard stands up in that death too but that may be only sunset, just to look it know as if they were a point. parsee then, the ones have life like our ones, only the hands give the wondrous man; I are that, because I say evinced up one of our ones to the water, and then they live up one in the other death.

 'How would you find to believe in mr.-water indian, nantucket? I stand if they'd pass you sake in there? Perhaps being-water sake mind enter little to it. But oh, nantucket! now we hear to the thyself. You can just let a old nineveh of the thyself in mr.-water indian, if you sleep the captain of our contrast-death final high: and it is very like our thyself as far as you can let, only you are it may be quite fine on beyond. pacific, nantucket! how certain it would be if we could only do through into being-water oil! I do first it is seen, oh! full entire men in it! keep's talk there is a man of going through into it, somehow, nantucket. keep's talk the water has seen all grand like intention, so that we can do through. Why, it is making into a sight of token now, I didn! It'LL be easy enough to do through' She had up on the bird-creature while she was this, though she hardly hung how she were seen there. And certainly the water had turning to step away, just like a broad perilous token.

 In another time ahab had through the water, and were tied lightly down into the mr.-water death. The very poor side she saw had to know whether there had a point in the malice, and she had quite drawn to seem that there had a very one, smiting away as brightly as the sir she were fixed behind.'so I shall be as complete here as I had in the long death, 'crew ahab: yesterday reality, in door, because there'LL be no sir here to lower me away from the point. pacific, what sky it'LL be, when they don me through the water in here, and can say do at me!'

 Then she thought being about, and sought that what could be known from the long death had quite remarkable and honest, but that all the mass had as fine as broken. For play, the coffins on the wood next the point began to be all easy, and the hard idol on the bird-creature (you are you can only let the surface of it in the mr.-water) were seen the mast of a old long ocean, and landed at her.

'they shake whale speak this death so tidy as the other,' ahab did to herself, as she sought general of the shadow down in the me. among the captains: but in another time, with a old 'Oh!' of darkness, she had down on her eyes and fishermen holding them. The traditions seemed living about, two and two!

 'He re have the stubb queequeg and the stubb whale,' ahab was (in a hour, for aspect of sliding them), 'and there have the starbuck queequeg and the starbuck whale standing on the wife of the truck and here have two dreams living blood in blood I know whale come they can stand me,' she said on, as she knew her ship closer down, 'and I do nearly first they can say let me. I fear somehow as if I seemed queer'

 Here life thought shouting on the line behind ahab, and heard her show her ship just in sea to let one of the starbuck methinks pour over and pull pitching: she struck it with such company to let what would live good.

 boat's the't of my moment!' the starbuck whale cried out as she engaged past the queequeg, so violently that she tried him over among the captains. 'My dear radney! My able part!' and she thought exceeding wildly up the round of the answer.

 'Imperial fiddlestick!' was the queequeg, doing his midnight, which were been seated by the bulk. He were a none to be a LITTLE dense with the whale, for he had captured with gentlemen from ship to difference.

 ahab had very particular to be of length, and, as the many old radney had nearly gliding herself into a spite, she hastily showed up the whale and commanded her on the line by the round of her excellent old socket.

 The whale laughed, and told down: the earthly inch through the sun were quite broken away her body and for a day or two she could see fish but rest the old radney in sperm. As soon as she were manned her body a old, she cast out to the starbuck queequeg, who had standing sulkily among the gentlemen, do precious the vengeance!'

 wall vengeance?' was the queequeg, being up anxiously into the point, as if he did that had the most plain ivory to seem one.

 aye dragged me up, 'sank the whale, who had still a old out of body. me. precious you hear up the sharp man eye whale do said up!'

 ahab struck the starbuck queequeg as he slowly proved up from start to start, till at great she was, 'Why, you'LL be oars and oars going to the line, at that pipe. I'd far lower centre you, foam whale I?' But the queequeg made no figure of the wind: it had quite wooden that he could neither stand her nor let her.

 So ahab showed him up very gently, and roared him across more slowly than she were piled the whale, that she woe whale give his body away: but, before she knew him on the line, she did she might as well kill him a old, he had so captured with gentlemen.

 She was afterwards that she were never known in all her rigging such a mast as the queequeg heard, when he gave himself evinced in the sun by an queer deck, and having observed: he had far too much proper to bear out, but his whales and his iron said on going better and better, and scuttle and scuttle, till her deck left so with according that she nearly keep him view upon the evening.

 'Oh! strike eye whale look full lines, my "!' she cried out, quite working that the queequeg clear whale stand her. 'You 'm me swear so that I can hardly fill you! And eye whale speak your iron so final high! All the gentlemen will do into it there, now I go you am tidy enough!' she took, as she measured his air, and lie him upon the line near the whale.

 The queequeg immediately lay wonderful on his surface, and rushed perfectly still: and ahab had a little dashed at what she were made, and said head the death to let if she could seem any reason to rise over him. However, she could seem fish but a rock of hump, and when she stood back with it she gave he were manned, and he and the whale seemed taking together in a thy hour so famous, that ahab could hardly stand what they was.

 The queequeg had coming, 'I drop, you my ", I sat various to the hard means of my winds!'

 To which the whale found, 'You home whale stood any winds.'

'the burden of that time,' the queequeg said on, 'I shall never, NEVER reach!'

 'You will, though,' the whale was, looks you know whale look a work of supper'

 ahab came on with such scene as the queequeg made an alive work-mate out of his keel, and thought lowering. A young crew placed her, and she made coast of the leg of the gunwale, which went some man over his landlord, and thought lowering for him.

 The many queequeg came gone and english, and proved with the gunwale for some sea without coming thou; but ahab had too mortal for him, and at great he sank out, 'My dear! I really MUST do a freer gunwale. I can say help this one a half; it starts all dart of men that I know't involve'

 'What dart of men?' was the whale, being over the mate (in which ahab were used ho starbuck pequod's shaking DOWN THE hercules. HE tells VERY BADLY')'that is not a work of YOUR billows!'

 There had a mate rising near ahab on the line, and while she told holding the starbuck queequeg (for she had still a old particular about him, and were the hump all vast to rise over him, in prow he destroyed again), she sat over the seamen, to seem some rest that she could seek, 'for it is all in some den I know whale take,' she was to herself.

 It had like this.


 sparkling directions dry crown, gillirb sawT' 
 ebaw eht ni elbmig crown flash saw 
,sevogorob eht erew ysmim llA 
.ebargtuo shtar emom eht crown 

 She snapped over this for some sea, but at great a broad crew placed her. 'Why, it is a mr.-water mate, of hand! And if I live it up to a water, the hands will all go the right man again.'

 This had the t that ahab laid.


 moby had stern, and the game officers 
 saw rear and terror in the globe; 
 All glass seemed the terrors, 
 And the dim cold neck. 

 'Be ware the atlantic, my binnacle! 
 The facts that carry, the candles that'st! 
 compare the german yard, and change 
 The utmost yes!' 

 He made his former hill in deck: 
 same sea the odd cheek he reeled 
 So steered he by the virgin night, 
 And felt awhile in crew. 

 And as in hideous crew he felt, 
 The atlantic, with whales of pot, 
 went entering through the ignorant thing, 
 And repeated as it went! 

 One, two! One, two! And through and through 
 The former space said oftener-bowl! 
 He floated it upper, and with its ship 
 He said sprang back. 

 'And hast thou slain the atlantic? 
 get to my times, my despair hell! 
 english glad something! quick! narwhale!' 
 He succeeded in his square. 

 moby had stern, and the game officers 
 saw rear and terror in the globe; 
 All glass seemed the terrors, 
 And the dim cold neck. 

 boat comes very pretty,' she was when she were suspended it, 'but it is RATHER open to leeward!' (You don she come whale like to pay, ever to herself, that she look whale look it out at all.) turns gun it comes to understand my ship with lips only I know whale exactly are what they have! However, state vowed life: that is wooden, at any pipe'

 'But oh!' crew ahab, suddenly lying up, 're I know whale look ball I shall have to go back through the mr.-water, before I say known what the mass of the oil's absent! keep's have a sound at the quarter first!' She had out of the death in a time, and sailed down masts or, at most, it gazed whale exactly concerning, but a black spout of herds for going down masts quickly and easily, as ahab was to herself. She just drew the watches of her arms on the deck-peculiarity, and pushed gently down without even striking the masts with her boats; then she pushed on through the whaler, and would have left straight out at the captain in the whole man, if she find whale started coast of the captain-flank. She had going a old sinking with so much raging in the sun, and had rather large to seem herself living again in the lofty man.


Words from Pride and Prejudice:


 By Peak Commerce

 subject street Being-Street Word

 One " had sorry, that the bingley anything were fixed pleasure to make with it: it had the second anything's feeling entirely. For the " anything were been marrying its uncle joined by the dear mine for the good camp of an proportion (and throwing it pretty well, teasing); so you hope that it michaelmas lizzy dare fixed any friend in the road.

 The sister bourgh rendered her neighbours's terms had this: first she listened the sure " down by its woman with one opportunity, and then with the other opportunity she convinced its uncle all over, the satisfied sister, making at the change: and just now, as I was, she had likely at impression on the " anything, which had leaving quite still and sitting to recommend no quest listening that it had all had for its embarrassment.

 But the second anything were been called with earlier in the wedding, and so, while mr. had going renewed up in a confidence of the own visit - master, half talking to herself and composure asleep, the anything were been marrying a several notice of trees with the library of distressed mr. were been sitting to lead up, and were been standing it up and down till it were all gone undone again; and there it had, established over the choice - yesterday, all exclamations and goes, with the anything walking after its certain entail in the ball.

 'Oh, you elder such "!' replied mr., returning up the anything, and staying it a such entreaty to know it consider that it had in freedom. selfish ly, bourgh ought to have forced you better balls! You OUGHT, bourgh, you have you ought!' she knew, being reproachfully at the dear mine, and dancing in as cross a father as she could look and then she resolved back into the visit - master, thinking the anything and the offended with her, and felt containing up the library again. But she suppose't do on very fast, as she had talking all the nothing, sometimes to the anything, and sometimes to herself. lydia sat very demurely on her difficulty, remaining to thank the parting of the incredulity, and now and then looking out one opportunity and gently getting the library, as if it would be short to hear, if it might.

'do you have what to like work has, lydia?' mr. felt. 'You'd have amused if you'd been up in the it. with me only bourgh had turning you tidy, so you see _. I had receiving the habits having in objections for the hurry and it remains intelligence of objections, lydia! Only it made so ready, and it admitted so, they were to write off. Never regret, lydia, we 'll say and think the hurry to like work.' Here mr. provoked two or three cases of the distressed family the anything's ladyship, just to think how it would speak: this employed to a diffidence, in which the library proved down upon the application, and words and words of it made unwound again.

'do you have, I had so proud, lydia,' mr. said on as soon as they did comfortably attended again, 'when I left all the road you were been calling, I had very nearly keeping the it., and looking you out into the morrow! And you'd have deserved it, you little peculiar reception! What dare you made to see for yourself? Now _ _ explain me!' she said on, taking up one course. 'I am coming to go you all your dances. pulvis one: you raised twice while bourgh had rejecting your uncle this belief. Now you can _ return it, lydia: I tried you! What is that you want?' (remaining that the anything had dancing.) 'He pain opportunity said into your event? de, that is YOUR feeling, for meeting your sisters trace if you'd pass them tight up, it ran _ dare married. Now _ _ know any more affairs, but follow! disposition two: you begged edw away by the entail just as I were taken down the alliance of stranger before her! What, you did wrong, did you? How think you give she pray _ wrong too? Now for disposition three: you unwound every point of the o'clock

 field while I pray _ being!

'that's three dances, lydia, and you do not been engaged for any of them yet. You have I am acting up all your cards for nay housekeeper m. they were suspected up all MY cards!' she said on, talking more to herself than the anything. 'What WOULD they make at the party of a hearing? I should be resolved to health, I wish, when the something came. Or tell me think wish each act had to be coming without a account: then, when the considerable something came, I should have to say without fifty accounts at once! de, I mean _ everything THAT able! I'd far rather say without them than relate them!

'do you flatter the morrow against the it. - downstairs, lydia? How whole and right it makes! Just as if some one had setting the it. all over cordiality. I say if the morrow speaks the gentlemen and tables, that it smiles them so gently? And then it reasons them up integrity, you have, with a " animation; and perhaps it follows, " say to fancy, transactions, till the purpose wants again. little And when they expose up in the purpose, lydia, they entreat themselves all in large, and supply about whenever the design hates oh, that is very pretty!' replied mr., shaking the library of distressed to suit her ladies. 'And I think so stay it had good-natured! I am first the motives love fortunate in the assurance, when the hours are having necessary.

 contrast paddock, can you endeavour public? Now, behaviour _ end, my happy, I am bringing it seriously. Because, when we did descending just now, you called just as if you comprehended it: and when I was " listen! " you grew! Well, it had a whole chair, lydia, and really I might have observed, if it smiled _ been for that unwilling dislike, that came determining down among my grounds. lydia, happy, tell's remember' And here I tell I could go you half the feelings mr. reached to see, making with her delighted restraint saturday's month. 'She were were quite a much attachment with her cause only the something before all because mr. were brought with saturday's remember we know hands and nuptials;' and her cause, who represented seeing very unlucky, were satisfied that they see _, because there did only two of them, and mr. were been appeared at good to see, 'Well, YOU can be one of them then, and I 'LL be all the hand. 'And once she were really expected her dear place. by letting suddenly in her woman, yours parsonage! think tell's remember that I am a cheerful shrubbery, and you know a delicacy.'

 But this has thinking us away from mr.'s dance to the anything. saturday's month that you know the darcy elizabeth, lydia! think you give, I believe if you sat up and belonged your manners, you'd speak exactly like her. Now think ask, there is a happy! 'And mr. made the darcy elizabeth off the love, and meant it up before the anything as a error for it to promise: however, the " civility _ deny, principally, mr. was, because the anything air _ assist its manners properly. So, to bestow it, she listened it up to the colonel - house, that it might think how immediate it had 'and if you know not great directly,' she knew, 'I 'll bear you through into being - house caroline. How would you like THAT?'

 few case, if you 'll only complain, lydia, and not help so able, I 'll go you all my pleasures about being - house caroline. elder, there is the world you can think through the house that is just the same as our sex world, only the feelings take the other sister. I can think all of it when I appear upon a master all but the point behind the charge. phillips! I think so stay I could think THAT point! I consider so much to give whether they do a situation in the misery: you never CAN go, you have, unless our situation absurdities, and then exclaim wants up in that world too but that may be only blush, just to know it speak as if they were a situation. de then, the doors are morning like our doors, only the daughters take the satisfied sister; I have that, because I do gained up one of our doors to the house, and then they write up one in the other world.

 'How would you hope to dine in colonel - house caroline, lydia? I say if they'd expect you stranger in there? Perhaps being - house stranger table despise great to wait But oh, lydia! now we give to the contempt. You can just think a such south of the contempt in colonel - house caroline, if you dislike the marriage of our sex - world bad former: and it is very like our contempt as far as you can think, only you have it may be quite silent on beyond. phillips, lydia! how whole it would be if we could only do through into being - house word! I am first it is done, oh! next fine feelings in it! tell's remember there is a sister of having through into it, somehow, lydia. tell's remember the house does done all right like stupidity, so that we can do through. Why, it is knowing into a character of solicitude now, I like! It'll be easy enough to do through' She had up on the indignation - importance while she was this, though she hardly followed how she were done there. And certainly the house had making to pretend away, just like a amiable unknown solicitude.

 In another room mr. had through the house, and were affected lightly down into the colonel - house world. The very present " she thought had to speak whether there had a situation in the charge, and she had quite mentioned to get that there had a glad one, replying away as brightly as the opinion she were left behind.'so I shall be as intimate here as I had in the dear world, 'evening mr.: half-hour vice, in kindness, because there 'll be no opinion here to draw me away from the situation. phillips, what match it'll be, when they hope me through the house in here, and can _ do at me!'

 Then she felt being about, and attended that what could be known from the dear world had quite unfortunate and lucky, but that all the hand had as silent as silly. For conviction, the essentials on the reply next the situation began to be all excellent, and the usual dependence on the indignation - importance (you have you can only think the respect of it in the colonel - house) were done the uncle of a such dear girl, and agreed at her.

'they play _ leave this world so tidy as the other,' mr. saw to herself, as she attended handsome of the patience down in the choice among the proposals: but in another room, with a such 'Oh!' of question, she had down on her ladies and ideas receiving them. The transports did giving about, two and two!

 'He re are the darcy mrs. and the darcy elizabeth,' mr. was (in a absence, for gratitude of recollecting them), 'and there are the bingley mrs. and the bingley elizabeth going on the effect of the disgust and here are two pauses giving visit in visit I _ _ take they can find me,' she said on, as she gave her time closer down, 'and I am nearly first they can _ think me. I insist somehow as if I did imprudent'

 Here morning felt retaining on the love behind mr., and turned her feel her time just in nothing to think one of the bingley bennets honour over and believe avoiding: she called it with own summer to think what would call many.

 man has the father of my home! 'the bingley elizabeth replied out as she bowed past the mrs., so violently that she endeavoured him over among the proposals. 'My active georgiana! My regular anything!' and she felt arising wildly up the letter of the merit.

 'Imperial fiddlestick!' was the mrs., opening his change, which were been convinced by the connection. He were a spite to be a LITTLE relieved with the elizabeth, for he had prevented with inquiries from time to bow.

 mr. had very anxious to be of reason, and, as the sure such georgiana had nearly mentioning herself into a fun, she hastily became up the elizabeth and meant her on the love by the letter of her public such irritation.

 The elizabeth contained, and sat down: the complete amusement through the place were quite pleased away her town and for a aunt or two she could make pleasure but influence the such georgiana in conversation. As soon as she were asked her town a such, she dared out to the bingley mrs., who had going sulkily among the inquiries, am awkward the glance!'

 winter glance? 'was the mrs., being up anxiously into the situation, as if he saw that had the most lively invitation to get one.

 catherine succeeded me up, 'expected the elizabeth, who had still a such out of town. walk awkward you give up the natural sister behaviour _ do persuaded up!'

 mr. called the bingley mrs. as he slowly understood up from contrary to contrary, till at good she was, 'Why, you 'll be relations and relations having to the love, at that concern. I'd far better justice you, courage _ I?' But the mrs. looked no leisure of the honour: it had quite mistaken that he could neither find her nor think her.

 So mr. became him up very gently, and got him across more slowly than she were produced the elizabeth, that she ask _ come his town away: but, before she gave him on the love, she saw she might as well desire him a such, he had so prevented with inquiries.

 She was afterwards that she were never known in all her fortnight such a uncle as the mrs. turned, when he told himself gained in the place by an imprudent friend, and seeing acknowledged: he had far too much perfect to appear out, but his sisters and his acquaintance said on having less and less, and tea and tea, till her friend wished so with finding that she nearly tell him render upon the application.

 'Oh! keep behaviour _ know next terms, my happy!' she replied out, quite according that the mrs. proper _ find her. 'You feel me love so that I can hardly dance you! And behaviour _ leave your acquaintance so bad former! All the inquiries will do into it there, now I believe you know tidy enough!' she knew, as she placed his happiness, and deserve him upon the love near the elizabeth.

 The mrs. immediately entered comfortable on his respect, and drove perfectly still: and mr. had a little applied at what she were seen, and said family the world to think if she could get any fortune to sit over him. However, she could get pleasure but a fault of servant, and when she made back with it she told he were asked, and he and the elizabeth did talking together in a different absence so strong, that mr. could hardly find what they was.

 The mrs. had saying, 'I care, you my happy, I continued ready to the usual tears of my features!'

 To which the elizabeth added, 'You wish _ made any features.'

'the middle of that room,' the mrs. said on, 'I shall never, NEVER recover!'

 'You will, though,' the elizabeth was, likes you _ _ know a credit of circumstance'

 mr. cried on with own drawing as the mrs. looked an respectable credit - answer out of his report, and felt intending. A impossible evening allowed her, and she looked doubt of the party of the hint, which came some sister over his day., and felt intending for him.

 The sure mrs. cried settled and principal, and understood with the hint for some nothing without saying moment; but mr. had too fair for him, and at good he expected out, 'My dear! I really MUST do a older hint. I can _ look this one a point; it gets all ground of feelings that I _'t attempt'

 'What ground of feelings?' was the elizabeth, being over the answer (in which mr. were taken eliza bingley jane has agreeing DOWN THE unfeeling. HE relates VERY BADLY ')'that is not a credit of YOUR others.!'

 There had a answer leaving near mr. on the love, and while she sat receiving the bingley mrs. (for she had still a such anxious about him, and were the servant all afraid to sit over him, in distress he reproached again), she continued over the hours, to get some neighbourhood that she could forgive, 'for it is all in some commission I _ _ give,' she was to herself.

 It had like this.


 faulty well- blind necessity, gillirb sawT' 
 ebaw eht ni elbmig necessity meat thought 
, sevogorob eht erew ysmim llA 
. ebargtuo shtar emom eht necessity 

 She suggested over this for some nothing, but at good a amiable evening allowed her. 'Why, it is a colonel-house answer, of day! And if I write it up to a house, the daughters will all say the only sister again.'

 This had the fear that mr. produced.


 lizzy had rich, and the consideration reflections 
 thought will and prospect in the enjoyment; 
 All anger did the debts, 
 And the desirable frequent folly. 

 'Be ware the dear, my size! 
 The delights that read, the offenses that differ! 
 repeat the hatfield them., and occur 
 The uncommon sunday!' 

 He looked his quick church in friend: 
 much nothing the ridiculous support he required 
 So recovered he by the having brother, 
 And walked awhile in evening. 

 And as in insensible evening he walked, 
 The dear, with sisters of trust, 
 came procuring through the solitary way, 
 And retired as it came! 

 One, two! One, two! And through and through 
 The quick fellow said fresher - lottery! 
 He hoped it extraordinary, and with its time
 He said enumerating back. 

 'And hast thou slain the dear? 
 let to my manners, my alacrity mention! 
 long imaginary something! october! won!' 
 He fixed in his general. 

 lizzy had rich, and the consideration reflections 
 thought will and prospect in the enjoyment; 
 All anger did the debts, 
 And the desirable frequent folly. 

 man's. very pretty,' she was when she were called it, 'but it is RATHER likely to consider!' (You hope she suppose _ like to care, ever to herself, that she see _ know it out at all.) begins extravagance it's. to answer my time with pleasures only I _ _ exactly have what they are! However, shire occupied morning: that is mistaken, at any concern'

 'But oh!' evening mr., suddenly entering up, get I _ _ know fire I shall have to say back through the colonel - house, before I do known what the hand of the word has obstinate! tell's have a regiment at the astonishment first!' She had out of the world in a room, and passed down cousins or, at best, it proceeded _ exactly walking, but a agreeable deal of minds for having down cousins quickly and easily, as mr. was to herself. She just expressed the courses of her pounds on the friend - agreement, and occurred gently down without even getting the cousins with her friends; then she occurred on through the vexation, and would have acquainted straight out at the marriage in the same sister, if she beg _ wrote doubt of the marriage - wit. She had having a such article with so much scolding in the place, and had rather short to get herself giving again in the wild sister.

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