Thursday, April 25, 2013

I'm going to sleep, but it's not like I've forgotten here

So I still haven't finished the epic of the maternity ward and won't be doing so tonight because sleep.  I'd have gone to sleep at noon if I could have.

Today I did discover that either index finger, upside down, is apparently ideal suckling material if you have a very hungry baby, no mother in sight, and nothing with which to feed the baby.  One might assume a thumb is more natural but I keep my thumb nails somewhat long (all the better to peel oranges) and worry I might damage his mouth or tongue with the nail if I let him suck on a thumb.


Anyway, stuff already in progress:

  • Previously mentioned post
  • Another list of movies I've grabbed
  • A .hack//Sign post recapping all previous .hack//sign posts.
  • Thoughts on the way we treat education as a way of shoving people into smaller and smaller boxes that they know in greater and greater detail but any given subject (Dante, Democracy, things not starting with D) actually requires drawing on a variety of areas.
  • The way Babylon 5 suggested stories it never told.
  • Subtraction and division tables for Base 12 Math.  Maybe
  • A post about Ransom, a Novel, a book which I recomend
  • A post about D.E.B.S. a bad movie that I like
If I ever get well rested maybe some of that will actually get posted.


  1. Index fingers aren't one of the three finger-types for which I've found a use for the fingernails*, but if I'm going to grow three nails on each hand I don't want the other two to be left out. (Although my index fingernails do tend to be shorter than the others, because I don't like the way they grow out the sides and I often accidentally get some of the bottom trying to remove the sides.)

    Good luck resting.

    *Pinky for cleaning my ears, ring for removing stray eyelashes, thumb for oranges and for cleaning fingernails.

  2. Also, try a knuckle :-) I've found they're about the right size for babies to nom on.

  3. Hope you get some rest soon.