Monday, April 15, 2013

For the record (metapost on spamtrapping)

I'm getting enough spam at this point that if your post is accidentally spam-trapped I probably will not notice it as it will be surrounded by actual spam.

So if you think your post might have been spam-trapped, send me an email (cpw(at)maine(dot)rr(dot)com) and then, knowing what to look for I should be able to rescue it if it was spam-trapped.  Or I'll be able to tell you, "Sorry, blogger just ate it, it's gone for good."


  1. Bah. I remember the original spam, and the sense of disgust and outrage it generated.

    (Because I'm getting SC by RSS into email, anything you don't see fairly immediately will come out on the RSS feed - nothing you can do about that, fair enough - so my email spamtrap is now reasonably well-trained on the stuff that people have been sending here. Not that this helps you.)

    Would it help to turn off unauthenticated username posting? I mention this because it's possible to get a free anonymous OpenID login from a couple of places, so it shouldn't significantly cut down on legitimate posts. (But I am not as keen to stay anonymous as some people, and they may well have stronger objections.)

  2. I'm perfectly comfortable with the situation as it is, and I haven't been getting legitimate comments in the spamtrap (unless I missed them) in the longest time. The problems have been the other way (spam not auto-trapped.)

    I just want to make sure that if the spam-trap does grab someone's comment they know to contact me rather than assume I wanted it gone.