Sunday, April 21, 2013

Technological Progress in one photo

If you've ever driven (or, like me, been driven) through a rural area you've probably seen things like this.  I've wanted a picture of this specific instance for ages but until today something always went wrong.


  1. In the UK, where distances are rather shorter, it's become quite rare to see satellite dishes at all - most places have gone over to (underground) cable, so dishes still present now generally mean that it's a poor area that the cable companies haven't thought worth upgrading yet.

  2. My brother-in-law informs me, from his experience during down-time while serving overseas, that sticking a modern satellite dish in the center of an old C-band dish will, in fact, do something useful. Antenna gain being proportional to the square of the diameter and all, they found that if they stuck the TV dish in the center of a radar dish, they could pick up TV from pretty much anywhere.

    Though I don't think it actually works unless you put the one in the center of the other.