Sunday, February 3, 2013

Same Content, More Places

Because having every transformative work in two places (whatever blog it was first posted on, here) clearly wasn't enough (look at how we overflow with comments; the sarcasm, it drips) I now have an account at a place called Archive of Our Own, or A3O (because the lowercase o counts too).

So if one were to go here, ze would find works by me.  Works by me already posted here.  So you've probably already read them and I've only moved over 14 so far, and only 4 series between them (Edith and Ben, Snarky Twilight, Skewed Slightly to the Left, My Zombie Apocalypse Team.)

So, honestly, you don't have any reason to go over there.

But if there's anywhere else you'd like to suggest I post my work, go for it.  It's already thin, like butter stretched over too much bread but I am interested in a wider audience anyway and know nothing of the fan fiction community.


  1. Congradulations!


  2. Congrats! (No RSS.) May we reasonably assume that if at some point you post stuff there and not here, you'll mention it here?

    1. I don't think that's likely to happen, but yeah, I'd post some kind of heads up here if it did.