Thursday, February 7, 2013

I swear I had something I wanted to post today.

Really, honestly, I did.  I just don't remember what it is.

I feel like it was fictiony.  I feel like it was probably going to need two posts, and I feel like it started with an A or had a prominent A sound in it, probably in the title.

No idea.

Meanwhile I am searching my house for what I am assured is the last bit of paperwork I need to do before the ground to a halt wheels of bureaucracy can get moving in their slow as all fuck way.  (Again, I am a supporter of bureaucracy, I just happen to be a supporter of good bureaucracy.  Good Bureaucracy tends to be the kind you don't have much to say about because it's unintrusive and nonannoying enough that you hardly notice it, even when dealing with it directly.)

I have found the envelope they sent they form in, the envelope they want me to send it back in, but not the only fucking thing that matters: the form itself.

In other news, there is still the ongoing debate about whether or not to get rid of the penny.  There are definitely solid economic reasons to do so, but I think an unappreciated facet of the penny is that individually they seem to have no value, but in aggregate they do in fact add up.  So, for example, if you go around asking people for pennies, you're more likely to get some donations than if you asked for more, and if you ask enough people the pennies will add up.

The money that I theoretically* make on this blog is made in pennies.  Something tells me that if there were no such thing as a penny the powers that be would round down, which means most of the time I'd make nothing.

That's an aside though.  Ignoring me, I think that there is a value in having something that individually seems to be worthless but when brought together in greater quantities has definite value.  A penny satisfies that.

That said, it's just a thought.  I've never really looked into the economics of it.

And in other news, so far the only thing that people really seem to like that I've ported over to Archive of our Own is "Work Against the Emperor's Magic?".  That's somewhat disheartening since I think some of the Left Behind works ("Apocalypse Averted" which is just silly fun, or "The Wages of Peace" and "Why you will fly this plane" where Nicoale is villainous) are at least a bit worthwhile.


*Theoretically because assuming the average rate so far it'll be two years before I make enough to hit a payout threshold.  If you'd like to hasten this you could occasionally buy things through my links (the ones to Amazon) or look at my ads.  Mind you I understand why you don't, the ads tend to suck, and stuff from Amazon costs money.  Plus, if you were going to spend money just to help me, that's what the almost (but not quite; thanks to those who allow me to say this paranthetical) donate button is for.

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