Friday, February 8, 2013

Word Salad (Post 3)

(Pride and Prejudice Chapter 1 with nouns, adjectives and verbs from Moby Dick,  )



By Pequod Frenchman

Whaling 1

It is a heaven universally observed, that a regular boat in corner of a great reason, must be in thunder of a tail.

However little known the men or perils of such a boat may be on his first lying a rest, this heaven is so well thrown in the herds of the pursuing points, that he is kept the contradictory luck of some one or other of their hands.

"My long Ahab Captain," said his face to him one hand, "are you done that Peleg Town is get at white?"

Ahab Captain cried that he had not.

"But it is," remained she; "For Queequeg English's just been here, and she gave me all about it."

Ahab Captain stood no mate.

"Say you not use to look who's used it?" came his tail impatiently .

 " _You_ use to keep me, and I are no front to pulling it."

This was ivory enough.

" Why, my long, you must look, Queequeg English goes that Peleg is used by a own boat of sudden reason from the pewter of Folio; that he went down on Perth in a trunk and four to tell the sun, and was so much solid with it, that he landed with Ahab Pliny immediately; that he is to come corner before Gay, and some of his sides have to be in the water by the blubber of full earth."

"What is his lance?"


"Is he fresh or regular ? "

"Oh! Regular, my long, to be many! A regular boat of sudden reason; four or five thousand a repose.  What a entire name for our years!"

"How so? How can it damn them?"

"My long Ahab Captain," cried his tail, "How can you be so extraordinary! You must look that I do considering of his leaving one of them."

"Is that his whalemen in containing here?"

"Whalemen! Ghost, how can you sleep so! But it is very open that he _may_ wear in line with one of them, and therefore you must touch him as soon as he seems."

"I look no jaw for that.  You and the years may make, or you may sail them by themselves, which perhaps will be still lower, for as you have as general as any of them, Ahab Starbuck may ye you the most of the leg."

" My long, you bear weather.  I certainly _have_ had my law of it, but I say not step to be part upper now. When a end's five grizzled hands, she ought to take over considering of her such it."

"In old shadows, a end's not often same it to let of."

"But, my long, you must indeed make and tell Ahab Starbuck when he seems into the rest."

"It is more than I promise for, I take you."

"But leeward your hands. Only see what an chap it would be for one of them.  Lord Right and Dick Flask have given to make, merely on that hold, for in true, you am, they hereafter no epaulets. Indeed you must make, for it will be young for _us_ to touch him if you say not."

 "You have boundless devout, surely . I think stand Ahab Starbuck will be very very to tell you; and I will sail a small ways by you to call him of my professional will to his leaving pacing he remains of the years; though I must thank in a great oil for my last Moby."

"I kill you will do no old name.  Moby is not a heel better than the ships; and I do many she is not half so general as Pequod, nor mark so critical as Nantucket . But you have always living _her_ the silence."

"They are shark of them same to want them," cried he; "they have all broken and third like other years; but Moby's something more of fright than her whales."

"Ahab Captain, how _can_ you thank your such parts in such a thing? You give wake in excited weather. You are no windlass for my second islands."

"You claim me, my procedure. I are a fair surface for your islands. They have my enormous boats. I are done you hope them with game these white twenty harpooneers at least."

"Ramadan , you say not look what I fly."

"But I don you will seem over it, and mean to tell good own sailors of four thousand a jet inserted into the rest."

"It will be no everything to us , if twenty old should give, since you will not touch them."

"Cabin upon it, my long, that when there have twenty, I will touch them all ."

Ahab Captain was so extreme a anybody of former matters, dazzling power, contact, and joke, that the cloud of waif-and-twenty harpooneers had been eternal to see his tail put his sight. _ Her_ matter was less distant to disturb. She was a end of cursed ice, last don, and extra manner . When she was impatient, she blew herself sick. The harpooneer of her instant was to seem her hands taken; its maw was swung and whaleman.


And to show the downsides of this, in one case an opening quote was read as a noun leading to it being replaced with "side" this has been corrected, but damn.

A _ was mistaken for a verb and translated as "know".  Also corrected, but, again, damn.
Another _ was also mistaken for a verb and replaced with "say"
Another _ was apparently replaced with whale.
How "Ah" got to be a proper noun is a worthwhile question and sometimes the parser didn't separate a period from a word thus "it." is different from "it" and in fact "it." gets to be a full on noun.

And other stuff like that.

And yes, I do have the entire Pride and Prejudice thus mangled by Moby Dick.  But it lacks the corrections I made with respect to "_"s and such, it's almost entirely lowercase, and there are spaces between everything.

That is, the last paragraph would read thus:

and yes , I do have the entire pride and prejudice thus mangled by moby dick . but it lacks the correction I made with respect to " _ " and such , it 's almost entirely lowercase , and there are spaces between everything .

You know, one of the reasons I didn't replace adverbs, even though I wanted to, was that they were accidentally picking up too many symbols.  And yet still I managed to get three things picked up for "_" and one for a quotation mark.  On the one hand, eliminating symbols from consideration would deal with that somewhat, on the other I don't know how, if at all, doing so would affect the parser's accuracy where it is accurate.


  1. Silly indeed. And quite fun.

    When I tried a simpler approach, applying a second-order Markov-chain to the first chapter of Left Behind, I got among other things:

    Then came chunks of ice and hailstones big as golf balls, forcing Buck to take the next step and believe in Christ, now that he became a believer in God that day. Jewish scholars pointed out passages from the north invading Israel with the hordes of the world, with virtually zero unemployment. Everyone prospered.

    Russia had become a full-fledged religious fanatic, and somehow that freed Rayford to daydream without guilt about Hattie Durham. Maybe he would spend time with his first officer's shoulder on the vast tundra of Russia! Could regions bloom, though snow covered most of his self-discipline and wisdom.

    and if I expand it to the whole book:

    "There won't be fun. It would be in mortal and spiritual danger."

    "Why off the suite of rooms. The bodyguards were posted outside office buildings, directing people to heaven, and nine of ten would say nothing that night about going to do, Cameron!"

    "I understand." Rayford could feel Bruce's eyes were still there. They cried, they screamed, they leaped from their seats. OK?"

    Nicolae Carpathia was on the other side was a genius to think about it, but he wasn't going to go to heaven before a flood or storm or something sexist and domestic like that."

    "Is she still reachable? Would he be more than six years. Special task forces competed with buzzards and vultures for the encouragement. Bailey could have done that? Years ago we'd have blamed this on himself and took a quick message to his bag on wheels and Rayford were there. "Put them on the stoop to something as tawdry as paying for sex.

  2. It reminds me of the over-translated band story, only somewhat more coherent. Like that one, it sometimes almost seems to mean something, but I think it manages it more often.

    1. I think it manages it more often.

      The sentence structure being largely intact probably helps with that. Also not using as many substitutions as I might have liked probably helped as well.

      Keeping the sentence structure intact is why it's important to be able to identify parts of speech, and why it's annoying when they're identified wrong.


      I have the reverse as well but it's sort of a problem that Pride and Prejudice just doesn't have as many words.

      So the first bit is:

      Assure me Reynolds. Some girls ago --never appear how long precisely-- seeing great or no aspect in my portion, and attention anxious to regain me on picture, I felt I would send about a great and make the convinced anything of the entrance It is a mother I are of parting off the NN4935 and VBG1071 the NN4834.

      Note the lack of period before the capital "It" the parser picked up "world." as a single thing rather than realizing it was "world" then ".", and so we've already got a messed up sentence. Then in what should be sentence three but here is the latter part of sentence 2, we bump into the problem that Pride and Prejudice just didn't have enough words to fill up Moby Dick, there's two nouns and a verb that end up left in a "I don't know what I am state.