Friday, February 8, 2013

But I made it home alive

So I left for my appointment in the middle of writing the previous post.  Got rides in and back which is useful both for the purposes of not freezing and for time.

Anyway, blizzard successfully navigated.  Prescriptions gotten and filled.  Appointment had.

Good stuff all around.

When I came out of the pharmacy my sister was on the phone with my dad.  My dad being the one giving me a ride.  My sister wanted my dad to tell me that there would be disks shooting up into the sky and laser beams coming down out of it.

That's my sisters way of saying that the expected flooding may dislodge manhole covers* and thunder-snow is a definite possibility.

Thunder-snow was once described by Lewis Black thus: They don't even have weather that strange in the Bible.

And, of course, the worst is yet to come.  Everything so far has been prelude.

Though the wind has definitely picked up.


 *Generally giant metal disks, round so that they might not fall into the manhole the way square and rectangular ones sometimes do, though not always, as evidenced by the one that I once fell into that happened to be square/rectangular.  Sidewalk manholes tend to retain the square shape deemed unsafe elsewhere.  Don't ask me why.  I can guess, but do not know for sure.


  1. I've experienced thundersnow once. It sounds distinctive and strange. (I decided to stay at home that night.)

  2. Glad you didn't die. Or get hit by flying metal disks. Or hit by laser beams from the sky.

  3. Thunder snow is one of my favorite weather phenomenons. It is also deeply weird.

    I'm glad to hear you have managed your blizzard well. :D