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My Zombie Apocalypse Team, Part ?: Semi-final Conversation/Confrontation

I should be doing other things, my brain isn't really working, and it's not that good.  Still, this kind of sort of came to me, though it needs work.  Couldn't figure out what JC and Bob Page would say, so I just stole their legitimate lines.  I'm not even sure if Tsukasa is in this scene, and... yeah.

It's something to post here until I managed to make something more interesting.

Also, Bella's speech should be more awesome.  I should probably work on that at some point.

Anyway, in the event of a zombie apocalypse, it is my general belief that Bob Page would still attempt to take over the world, and thus still need to be stopped.  Though, because of the larger problems presented by the zombie apocalypse and temporal anomalies and DVL and whatnot, rather than being the climax stopping him would probably be more of a stepping stone to the final final conflict.  (That's not an error, there are supposed to be two finals.)

So I wrote this, which could use a fair amount of work as it currently kind of sucks.

For those who have no idea what's going on, look hereish I suppose.


JC sarcastically noted that Page would “be the Supreme Enlightened, the Illuminated One.”

Page responded, in what would have been his best Darth Vader impression if he had any sense of pop culture, “Everett has taught you well,” which wasn't actually accurate. Nicolette was the one who taught JC the eschatology of the Illuminati and MJ12, Everett was content simply to tell others what to do. Anyway, Page was still speaking while I was thinking about that and I made note of how even with everything that had changed, hordes of zombies, covens of vampires, revolutions of werewolves, the introduction of magic, and so forth, this conversation was still following the script.

As expected, Page said, “I will burn like the brightest star.”

JC followed with, “You're gonna burn all right,” and then Bella, as she has a tendency to do, knocked things in a different direction. Sort of leftward I think. Definitely off course regardless.

“I've been to the brightest star. There's nobody there. That kind of radiation is hostile to most forms of life and it doesn't have any planets anyway. It's not even all that interesting. Don't get me wrong, it's nice, but if you've seen one blue hyper-giant you've more or less seen them all.

“Is that what you want for yourself? To be a curiosity all alone in the darkness?

“While you hide in this bunker working toward apotheosis the world outside -the battered, broken world outside- is falling apart. If you do become a god you'll be god of a desolate wasteland populated only by the shambling remnants of things that used to be human.  All that will be left is wreckage and the walking dead.

“We're trying to change that, you're trying to stop us. If you stop us what then? What will you do alone in the darkness? What kind of life will you have as the god of a world teetering on the barrier between dead and undead?”

Page didn't really have a response, he was never good at improv, he just said to all of us what he would have said to JC had Bella not interrupted. I tried to remove dirt from under my fingernails as he spoke, “Look at you: You're nothing but little people... little people still living inside bodies. Lose your bodies and what are you? Nothing! You vanish! You die...”

I took a deep breath as the realization that if I was going to say something it had to be now became unavoidable. Then I spoke, “So long as we're having this nice chat before you sic the machine guns on us,” I pointed to the turrets, “there is something I'd like to add.

“I know that you've been trying to kill us for about a week, and Bella and I have been slowly working toward your downfall for about six months, and you've been working on the whole world domination project for twenty two years or more, so it might seem like at this point everything's more or less carved in stone at this point, but that's not true.

“Nothing is inevitable. Your ending isn't written for you, you can choose to change your story. You can choose to help save the world, right now. We have a plan, you don't. You could join-” Bella yanked me toward safety as the the turrets started to warm up.

Once we were out of the line of fire she gave me the kind of look that demanded a response. So I said, “It was worth a try,” even though I had my doubts.

“My speech was better.” I couldn't really argue with that. Hers was.

“If you tell us where Aura is we'll let you live!” I shouted.  No response, not even gunfire.

“I don't think he's listening,” Bella said. Pretty sure she was right.

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