Friday, September 23, 2016

Primary computer is dead

Primary computer is dead.  I think I must have gotten it on sale because, though I got a full refund (less the warranty and such) if I don't want to take a step back I'm going to need to sink in a bunch more money and it gets worse.

To get the good screen (4k is amazing, probably not for everyone but I take pictures the way other people breathe) I had to take a hit to other areas including the RAM.  Why do I single that out?  Because I bought better RAM.  RAM that was in the computer when it got hurt, RAM that I was totally incapable of diagnosing myself so I sent off with the rest of the computer.  RAM that I won't be getting back and won't be getting refunded for.

And then there's the need for a new warranty.

Further, to make up for some of the shortcomings of the computer (as noted, RAM wasn't the only one) I have some external things to help out some of which are sadly brand specific.  I can't shop around for the best price on the computer itself because that would necessitate new external things, which would cost more than just staying with what I'm stuck with.

So, hey, I need money.  That sounds really familiar.

But back to the whole, I must have gotten it on sale thing: it's seriously not enough money to buy a computer that's compatible with any of my computer specific thing and still keeps the good screen.

The good news is that I have a store card that might, barely, be able to make up the difference.  Of course that would max out the store card and . . . good fucking god I must have gotten a good deal the last time for what I'm looking at to be cheapest thing that can work with the same brand specific shit.

When one includes the warranty I'm not sure that the store credit can stretch that far.  It's already half used up because I bought stuff to upgrade primary computer right before primary got injured (Good news: I hadn't installed it yet so it isn't lost).  It's not brand specific (Yay!) and only requires a computer with the same slots, but . . . fuck.

I don't suppose anyone has five hundred to a thousand dollars that they don't know what to do with.

I'll somehow manage to make this work and probably have to buy the cheapest thing that'll work, because secondary is not a viable long term strategy for having a blog.

No new primary means no Stealing Commas, and that's really not something I'm willing to bear, even if my muse does seem to be as absent as my computer.

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