Sunday, September 25, 2016

Been listening to Lucinda Holdsworth

Especially when laying down after the ankle sprain.  I kind of left this out because I had to fight with secondary computer so much to actually post about the sprained ankle that my focus changed somewhat, but part of what' going on is the desire to curl up into a ball, close my eyes, and have the world disappear and never bother me again.  Unfortunately solipsism isn't a particularly practical view of the universe and magically opting out of dealing with life in a way that involves no self harm (never had self harm ideation and don't intend to start) is generally not an option.

So, that.  Did I do that?  No.  I lay on my side on the couch with my eyes opened and played some music with accompanying video.  Over and over again.  Sort of like way back before I had antidepressants that worked and I watched the Shawshank Redemption on infinite repeat because I couldn't muster the energy to cross the room and change the DVD and replaying the movie (just a button push on the remote) was better than the title screen on infinite repeat.

Thus: Lucinda Holdsworth, now I have no particular interest in The Hunger Games (in fact I avoid them like the plague since everything I've heard about them indicates that they might trigger a depressive episode even in my medicated state) or Hannibal, so I'm limited to a mere three fifths of her creative output, still, there's a lot to like in those three songs.

First the entirely original Supervillainy Sucks:

Second, Loki's Songs(MCU version, Avengers timeframe):

Third: Pirate's Game (Treasure Island inspired):

* * *

On a Treasure Island related thing, I do believe that I first learned of Disney's Treasure Planet via its music (well, just the one song: Jim's theme, "I'm Still Here") being used in music videos for movies I'd already seen, specifically:

Rise of the Guardians (Spoilers)

Titan AE (Massive Spoilers)

Having enough youtube tabs open at once to switch between the above videos quickly is enough to grind secondary computer to a virtual halt (it still moves, just slower than continents and with considerably more frustration) or simply glitch out of control.  Which is part of why I'm so out of sorts about the death of primary computer and the financial difficulty involved in replacing it.

Only part, but definitely part.


  1. Well...
    I'm not familiar with The Hunger Games, but I listened to the song and I think it stands alone fine... or as an allegory for Capitalism?
    It would also fit other stories and characters, none of which are immediately coming to mind, including myths...

  2. Well, I do have a particular interest in one of those fandoms which is not Hunger Games, so will check out her channel tomorrow (because right now it's the dead of night and no headphones), thanks.

    Sorry about your ankle. Been there too (just this spring), so can relate.