Thursday, September 15, 2016

I may disappear due to computer problems

I'm setting this to go up automatically.

By the time it does my primary computer should already be on the way to being fixed because warranties are awesome.  So this problem I'm about to talk about has an end date because eventually primary comes back and then problems of secondary don't matter so much.

Secondary computer, which I'm using to write this, has served me well for a long time.  Longer than I ever expected it to.  Maybe it's because there's less to break in it.  It's practically a net-book, but it's from before netbooks existed.  It' so low powered that it gets tired if one vigorously searches the internet, and I'm thinking of installing a game from 1995 because I think it might be able to run that without lag.

But . . . but it's starting to show some signs of wear.  In particular, the internet adapter is turning itself off at random.  It's not a problem so long as I can turn it back on (though it is a process because turning it on isn't as simple as it should be) but I don't know if I always will.

If it turns off for good, then until primary gets back I'm limited to accessing the internet via borrowed or publicly accessible desktops and such.

So, I might disappear.

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