Friday, September 30, 2016

Life After: Terminiology

[I recently re-watched the Kim Possible scene where Kim mentioned "meddling kids".]
[This is by the time the gangs' all together.]

It came as no suprise that there were armed people in uniforms when they came back.  A big guy with a big gun and a stride that reeked of practiced authority stepped forward from the group.  Doubtless some government or government sanctioned agency had bestowed power upon him.  Jacob didn't care enough to keep track.

"You have a lot to answer for," the big guy with a big gun said.

"We did what you said couldn't be done," Bonnie said.

"We'll keep doing your job for you," Kim said in a tone that was far too calm and reasonable to go with her words, "until you start doing your job."

And the big guy with a big gun did what such people always did in such situations.  He changed the subject to one where he thought he had the advantage.  On the plus side, this subject changing didn't involve the big gun.

"You got lucky," he said, "but you're still nothing more than meddling kids."

"Uh, we prefer the term 'interloping adolescents'," Jacob said in a way that he hoped made clear that he had no respect for the authority he assumed the guy had.

“We can also be 'encroaching young adults',” Tara said.  She was definitely becoming Jacob's favorite.

“'Kibitzing children',” Ron said.

“'Infringing high-schoolers',” Shin said.

“Though I don't go to school,” Jacob said.

“'Interfering teens',” Bonnie said.

Kim finally joined in by saying, “'Tampering minors'.”

Josh added, “'Snooping millennials'.”

“Though Jacob and I don't technically meet that definition," Shin said; "time travel and all.”

Jacob started to say, “Prying--”

But was cut off with a, “Shut Up!” from the big guy with the big gun.

Some people simply had no appreciation for language.

Still, the job was done.  Some of the other people with weapons and uniforms were smirking themselves, a group of bystanders had formed, and everyone was wondering why it took so long for the big guy with a big gun to to cut off the team.  One correction, six alternatives, and two clarifications before he put a stop to it.  It didn't make him seem like he was in control of the situation.  Authority undermined.

"Now if you'll excuse us," Bonnie said, "we actually have important things to do."


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