Monday, April 18, 2016

The forklifts are coming! (An adventure I wasn't there for)

So brain rest means minimizing screen time and avoiding fluorescent lights.

It was near the computer/tablet/smartphone section of Costco that the problem inherent in accompanying Lonespark to Costco really made itself known.  Bear in mind that this is a giant warehouse whose ceiling is composed of 73% fluorescent lights, 6% security cameras, and 21% ceiling material which can only be entered by passing through a gauntlet of TV screens I'll never be able to afford showcasing the latest in screen technology.

(As I've mentioned once or twice, 4k is fucking amazing.  I don't think there's that much space left to go because while the technology will doubtless improve the human eye itself can only pick up so much detail.)

So I retreated and stayed in a mini-van while Lonespark was forced to face the warehouse boss all on her own.  She may be an impressive rogue, but I'm the party's fucking magical girl so without me there for support things could go sideways.

And go sideways they did.  They slid all the way into a spy thriller/heist movie.

Lonespark will give the details when she's good an ready, but the general is apparently that after the humans are kicked out the machines take over and you have to run from cover to cover for fear of becoming forklift prey.

She survived this adventure via the help of a native Costco guide, and thus she was able to return to me (well after all the other cars had fled the parking lot and the sun had shifted significantly in the sky) with meat.

Wondrous dead animal that we proceeded to eat yesterday night.


On a random meta/programming note, one thing that I'm doing during this, "Stay away from the screens or your brain will die, " time is working on Life After.  I've got a notebook, and a specific pen, devoted to it.

I've made significant progress toward finishing the revision of chapter 3 (so read chapters 1 and 2 to be ready) and a lot of more theoretical work on the overarching structure of the story.  The original plan was slapped together in a way that was random and arbitrary.  The new plan is nothing of the sort.

Even after I figured it out it took me a while to figure out why it was the way it is, but now that I do: Sierpinski triangles.

I need to stop screen time now, or maybe five minutes ago would be better, but before I flee I wanted to get to the point.  There's a decent chance that my next three posts will all be Life After related.  Those being the revised Chapter 3, an overhauled index, and a post on the structure of the story and Sierpinski triangles.


  1. I for one welcome our new forklift overlords.

  2. They are literally overlords, descending from the firmament in the fullness of time.