Tuesday, April 5, 2016

I sprained my ankle.

It happens fast.  I don't know if I fell because I sprained my ankle or I sprained my ankle because I fell.

Right ankle.  Always the right ankle.  Someday I need some foot doctor or something to tell me what's up with my right foot that it ends up in potential sprain position so often.  There are a lot more near misses than sprains.

I land on the side of my foot instead of the bottom, for some reason, and usually recover before damage can be done.  Sprains seem to be connected to things in the enviroment (is the ground slippery) or my shoelaces (if I step on the side of my foot when my shoe has come untied the odds of disaster are massively increased.)

Also bloodied my right knee.

I was on the ground for what felt like forever before I managed to pull things together enough to stand up.  On the road (well, sidewalk) between the school and my house.  I was heading to school.  I was closer to my house.  Hadn't even left South Portland yet.

Generally it takes a full on nervous breakdown to make me skip school and that's only happened, I think, once.

However, walking on a sprain is a painful and slow business.  I headed home.

I was crying, crying out in pain --screaming really-- and swearing.  While which one I was doing varied, taken together it was pretty constant.  There were prayers mixed in.  I called upon the gods of profanity for their analgesic effects.  I addressed prayers to whoever might be listening.

I suggested to Jesus that maybe, since I never asked for my sins to be forgiven, we could do a trade where the burden of my sins was lifted from him and dropped back on me in exchange for healing from time to time.

I called to gods Greek and Norse.

I stopped in at a Rite Aid about halfway through the walk home.  Two things drew me to it.  One, I haven't been to a store in Maine, my home state, since Easter.  I had no Cadbury eggs.  Two, bandages.  I call them ACE bandages but that's a brand name.  On the package it says, "self adhering athletic bandage".

I have come to realize that there was a third reason to go in that I never considered and never would have thought to consider: walking on a sprained ankle is never fun (barring significant improvement I'll be breaking out my crutches) but the uniform level floors of a store are heavenly when compared to the weathered sidewalk and road I had to walk on before and after.

So, here I am, back home, bad sprain, in pain.  My class started ten minutes ago.

It'll be longer when I hit post.


Don't let this post fool you into thinking that I'm not still interested in the music video with the orrery and the woman who was probably an alien in human form because I still totally want to know what the hell that was so that I can watch the whole thing.

It's just, you know, sprained ankle: big and painful deal.

In other news, repairs on my primary computer are now done,  so I just have to wait for it to be shipped back to the store and crutch on over to pick it up.


  1. I'm sorry.
    Hope you get better as soon as possible.


  2. Actually ended up getting it checked out today. Just a bad sprain, as expected. Got some useful info and a brace for it though, so the trip to te doctor did pay off.

    The crutches are proving a lot easier to reacclimate to than I expected. All should be fine. Just a fair amount of pain for a while.

  3. Well, not "good" exactly, but "better than it could be". Positive thoughts from here.

  4. Ouch! I had to cringe just reading your description. Sprains are never fun, but yours sounds even more painful. I hope by now you have healed nicely and are back to walking (safely) to and from your destinations! If it happens again, make sure to rest that leg and get ice on it as soon as possible!