Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Apparently "Brain Rest" is a thing

You know what happens when you think you have a concussion?

They shine a light in your eyes, tell you "Squeeze this, push that, look over there," and so forth and finally say, "Yup, looks like a concussion.  Not a damned thing we can do about that.  You just need time and brain rest."

"Brain rest" is new on on me.  Stay away from screens, fluorescent lights, stuff like that, sleep and hydrate.  "Woo!" I say flatly and with no enthusiasm.

I've got a sprained ankle (but it's improved a lot; no crutches today and I didn't die) and apparently a bashed head.  You know what I can do if I have no screens?  Not a damned thing.  If not for the sprained ankle maybe I could make one last ditch effort to fix the washing machine or something, but with it ... not a lot of stuff that I can do here that doesn't involve me connecting to the wider world via things with screens.

So . . . yeah.

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