Sunday, April 10, 2016

I may be somewhat concussed

When I went to get my ankle checked they asked if I'd hit my head.  I said no.  True, things happened quickly and I didn't have all the details of how I ended up on the ground, but I definitely knew that the order of events was: collapse onto/because of right ankle, land on my left knee dissipating downward momentum, end up on ground after most of the force of the fall had been killed.

I've got the scar on my left knee to show that that's how it happened and it reminds me of it every time I kneel (kneeling on my right side not a good idea because the ankle isn't up for the position.

This is the sixth day.  As I adapt to the ankle and thus have fewer shots of "Oh my fucking God, that hurts!" something becomes undeniable.  I have a permaheadache without apparent explanation.

It's hard to exactly describe.  It feels a bit like dehydration, but it doesn't go away when I know I'm hydrated; it feels a bit like starvation, but it doesn't go away when I'm fed.  It feels a bit like sleep deprivation, and when I first wake up is the only time I'm free of it (though that could just be grogginess masking the pain), but it doesn't go away in spite of me having adequate sleep.

It feels a bit like many things.  But you know what it really feels like?  A fucking concussion.

I didn't feel any pain from hitting my head.  I didn't feel any impact to my head at all.  But with the state my ankle was in I wouldn't notice much of anything.

I may be somewhat concussed.


  1. I'm sorry.


  2. Get checked ASAP.

    As I understand it, concussions can happen more easily after the first one. And next time just tell Dr. You don't fucking know but have history of concussion so better safe than otherwise.

    We all love your magnificent brain. There's a shortage in the world, etc...

  3. Ick. Concussions are no fun.