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11th Annual Kim Possible Fannies Nominations are April 29th through May 27th!

Ok, so you know how I've taken to writing Kim Possible fan stuff?  Well it turns out that they have a yearly awards thing.  The 11th annual awards will cover 2015.  As such, all Kim Possible stuff I wrote in 2015 is eligible for nomination.

I remember when the 10th annual ones came around I greatly perturbed that Being more than Simulacrum Part 5 was published two days into the new year and thus not eligible because it had “I know I said--she said, 'Mad Scientist,' when I--she first met him, but I've always felt he was more of an upset engineer,” and, “Evil scientists just have a hard time getting their work published in traditional peer reviewed journals and evil peer reviewed journals never work because everyone ends up afraid that the peer reviewers will steal their work,” in rapid succession and either would seem to be a great entry for the Best Single Line category.  Of course this year they're eligible.

Anyway, here's what qualifies:
So, now, here's the deal:

Once you have nominations in mind for as many categories as you think you're like to to have nominations in mind for, you copy the form that I'm going to paste at the bottom of this post into an email, fill our your nominations for each category (as many as few, as few as zero) and send the resulting email to kimmunityfannies (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Ok, so now lets talk about me.  Breaking up can be easy, Graduation 1.5, and Larry makes contact, aren't actually at fanfic dot net nor is the completely eligible Life After Chapter 3 (or the likewise eligible four, for that matter) if you nominate anything from any of those, be nice to the awards committee and provide a link.  Actually, links would be a good idea in general because it's just polite.

So, stuff for I can be nominated:

28) Best Writer:
All my stories:
14) Best Action/Adventure Story:
15) Best Drama Story:
28) Best Story Overall:
(Action adventure drama is kind of what I do in this fandom.)

Being more than a Simulacrum:
13) Best Friendship Story:
The story is composed of solid "Place makes friends".  An argument could be make for say Horatio-Surge in Forgotten Seeds or Shin-Jacob in Life After, but I think it would be an exceedingly weak argument.

Life After:
6) Best AU Story:
16) Best Unlikely/Unique Story:
It's an AU (alternate universe) because the time changing sends things spiraling off into a different direction, as for unlikely and/or unique, how many stories have you read where the dead are unleashed upon the living because a teleportation attempt bounced off of a fax machine causing an interdimentional rift between the living world and the seediest districts of Helheim?

Back to things that qualify:

1) Best KP Style Name:
Chi Mira (Chimera) from Bent, not Broken:
2) Best Original Character:
Leela Place Possible from Being More than a Simulacrum
Jacob from Life After Horatio from Forgotten Seeds
Darcy the Deliverator, Bent, not Broken Chapter 1
Drake and Amanda (firefighters) Bent, not Broken Chapter 3.
Chi (Mira) from Bent, not Broken in general.
I'm not sure where Surge, Blok, Hawk, and Henry from Forgotten Seeds along with Shin from Life After fall.  They're original characters, but they're my portrayal of other people's original characters.

3) Best Minor Character:
Tara, Josh Manky, Bonnie Rockweller from Life After
24) Best Single Line:
anything from any of the qualifying things that you think is good enough to stand above the other lines.  Well, all but one of the other lines since, do recall, you can nominate two things in each category.

So here's the form I said I'd copy and paste.  Then you copy it into an email, add zero, one, or two (but under no circumstances 3) nominations per category, and send it kimmunityfannies (at) yahoo (dot) com.

It's nominations don't close until the 27th so don't feel too rushed, but I really would like to win something which first requires being nominated, so pleas do actually nominate me for something somewhere if you feel the thing is worthy of nomination.

1) Best KP Style Name:
2) Best Original Character:
3) Best Minor Character:
4) Best Villain:
5) Best Songfic:
6) Best AU Story:
7) Best Crossover/Fusion:
8) Best Alternate Pairing:
9) Best KiGo Story:
10) Best Kim/Ron Story:
11) Best Comedy Story:
12) Best Romance Story:
13) Best Friendship Story:
14) Best Action/Adventure Story:
15) Best Drama Story:
16) Best Unlikely/Unique Story:
17) Best One-Shot Overall:
18) Best Novel-Sized Story:
19) Best Short Story:
20) Best Series Overall:
21) Best Writing Team:
22) Best Young Author:
23) Best New Author:
24) Best Single Line:
25) Best Reviewer:
26) CPNeb Kimmunity Award:
27) Kimmunity Achievement Award:
28) Best Story Overall:
29) Best Writer:

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