Monday, October 5, 2015

Update on computer, internet, and finances

I've been checking as often as I could to see if there were any updates about my computer, and worried that the lack of updates might be because I wasn't home and they needed to talk to me over the phone about something.

Then today it said all was done and someone had picked the computer up.  I'm still not home.  I didn't pick it up.  I called my family, one at a time, none of them picked it up.  Where the hell is my computer.

Turns out that their system is a bit wonky and sometimes logs two things (done and delivered) when it's meant to be one thing (done, waiting for pick up.)

When I called up to find out what happened, I also got the results of them having it for a week to poke and prod in whatever way they wanted.  They noticed that the power jack and power socket were melted.

I fucking told them that.

I told them, I showed them, I...

Maybe they have to check it out on their own first before they can move on to the next step, but damn does that feel like a wasted week.

I'll be home soon, and tomorrow I plan to head over to see what the next step is.  Hopefully at some point I have a primary computer again.


As I mentioned at some point or other, I get a good deal on internet for being a student, but the billing schedule is weird.  Thus I got hit with nine months of internet bill all at once.

That has now been paid, so if regular blogging doesn't resume it' not because I lost my internet.  My muse, my computer, my home, these things are possible.  Internet not so much.


Finances looked hopeless, now they look ... I'm not sure.

There's a quote from that animated owl movie that has little to recommend it:
Remember, when your wings are weak, your spirit's done, and you've flown as far as you can, you're halfway there.
That depressing quote is arguably part of the little said movie has to recommend it.

Still kind of a downer though.  I mean there are worse things, I don't deny that.  Maybe when you collapse from exertion you're only a negligible fraction of the way there, even so... yeah.

And that's where money is right now.  Figure I need around $2,276.6 + washing machine.

Right now I have about half that which is honestly a lot better than I expected, and I'm grateful (thanks so much.)

But it means I have to figure out how to divide up the half of what I need.

Internet is paid for, that's one decision.  (It was included in the figure above even though I already told you I paid it.)

I'm probably going to have buy some new washing machine parts even though the entire thing is a giant question mark and potential black hole (if it can't be fixed, and I keep on trying to fix it, I might as well be burning money.)  And after that ... what?

If I'm an asshole, I can probably get away with paying what remains toward housing instead of school because I know they charge a single late fee instead of interest.  Of course they are the ones providing my mental healthcare, and the new administration has just made the first intelligent decision I can remember in the history of the school having administrations.

On the other hand, if I'm an asshole I can probably get away with paying what remains to school because my house is family owned and family is unlikely to evict me with the winter coming and thus I probably have wiggle room there.

I have yet to figure out a non-asshole approach though.


Oh, random other thing.  This computer is showing signs of possibly-maybe suffering from the same kind of power supply issues that seems to have killed primary.  As I think I've mentioned, all other secondary computers are really, really bad off.


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  1. Thanks for the update.

    ...and geez, it took them a week to notice the thing that you explicitly told them? They must have a pretty long backlog of work to do. -_-