Friday, October 23, 2015

My sinus cavities appear to be trying to kill me.

"Cold" and "allergies" are both plausible explanations.  The really bad part?  I was congested before whatever the fuck this is even started.

I don't appear to have any cold medicine.  I've never really taken allergy things that I can recall unless you count the fact that the over the counter half of my sleep aid medicine is Benadryl under the generic name and stocked in a different section of the pharmacy (but not that different; sleep aids are generally next to cold medicine, and cold medicine tends to be near allergy medicine.)

It was one of those things that gradually built up, and thus lacked a "Oh shit, things just got really bad," moment.  That said, oh shit things have gotten really bad.

I've been having trouble making my brain work all day, at first it wasn't clear why.  Now I'm pretty certain.  No living thing could possibly think properly when their body is doing this shit.

I may stumble down the road, down the hill, down the road, across the road, and down the road to a nearby pharmacy and see what they have in cold medicine or some such.

But for the moment I figured I'd give you all an update on why things aren't getting posted this time.


  1. Sorry to "hear" it. Get well!

    --- Redcrow

  2. I find that my brain stops working when my sinuses are pressing on it. This has been a bad time for allergies this past week-ish.