Saturday, October 31, 2015

I failed to make the deadline (Life After)

Not exactly a great surprise; it was never a simple story simply told and I ended up being sick or without computer (mostly sick, but the without computer days shouldn't be discounted) for most of the days during which I planned to write it.

When I thought, incorrectly, that sickness and computer problems had ended there were thirteen days left in the month.  That seemed a good number.  There's no particular reason that thirteen installments would be better than, say, ten or fifteen, but thirteen is kind of a Halloweeny number.

So I set my sights on churning out an installment a day.

As it turned out four of those thirteen days were actually productive and, try as I might, I couldn't cram ten days worth of writing into today.  So at midnight, London time, I failed to pull off the contest thingy.

We will now return to regularly scheduled programming.

Of course, since there is no regular schedule, it's a bit hard to say exactly what that means.

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