Monday, October 26, 2015

Me and my internet connection

So, I was playing a game involving squids and paintball... well inkball, and all of a sudden the internet connection cut out. It happens, so I told it to try again, no dice. Then I took a closer look at the truck out my window doing working on the utility lines with one of those cherry picker basket things (is that the correct term? I don't know, I have no internet.)

It's my internet provider. Until they're done doing whatever they're doing to the lines, I think I'm pretty well stuck without internet.

Why is this notable? I think the first six or seven times I sat down to do, as in something else to do because I had no internet, I ended up feeling really stupid about because they all involved having an internet connection, which, again, I don't.

I'll post this when I have a connection again, but it kind of tells you how integrated the internet is into my life. And it makes me regret not downloading the school work I have to do earlier since that too requires internet for obvious reasons.


  1. I know this feel... Glad you got it back...

    1. Same. Internet is amazing. It sucks when it goes all wibbly-wobbly unreliable on you. :/