Monday, October 19, 2015

I have a primary computer!

Not cause for great celebration yet because I still need to get the files from the old primary, having some trouble with part of the setup, and such, but it is definitely the case that since I got my hands on it I have been feeling much better about life because primary computer: Fuck Yeah!

I decided that I want to do a Halloween contest thing (see previous post) which is in the Kim Possible fandom (yay! the thing no one actually came here to read about) and the deadline is Halloween itself so for the next two weeks you probably can't expect much beyond me trying to speed write that.

It's going to be a bit different than most things because it'll have a multi-linear narrative.  It begins with a change in the timeline and then becomes trilinear showing the altered future, the effects of the change upon earth, and what happened to one person that was cast into another dimension by said change.  (So three viewpoints per installment at the start.)

It'll collapse into one, or at most two, since the people in the altered future will be headed for the past and the person in the other dimension will be trying to get home.

So that may well be boring to everyone who came here for Left Behind and Twilight.

But that is the immediate future.


  1. Congrats! Might not be a cause for a *great* celebration, but totally is for *at least* a small one, as far as I'm concerned.


    1. Seconding this!

      (And re: the Halloween contest - no worries! If I'm not interested, I'll just catch you on the flipside. ^_^)

  2. It's always great having a computer again.

    Kim Possible fandom (yay! the thing no one actually came here to read about)

    Yeah, but they're entertaining even without knowledge of the fandom. I look forward to finding out what happens to Team Malachite Shin and Jacob next.

    (Of "s", "strike", and "strikethrough", the last is the only one Blogger will accept without complaint, but it doesn't show it as actually striking "Team Malachite" out in the preview. We'll see how that goes.)

    1. Oof - and <del> isn't allowed, either. Nor <span style="text-decoration: line-through">. How frustratingly limited. >_<

    2. Well you'll have to wait until installment two to get more of [strike]Team Malachite[/strike] Shin and Jacob since I pretty much posted their entire part of the first installment. There's been polishing, but overall it's unchanged.

      Mind you I've got their parts figured out all the way to installment three, the same can't be said of the others.


      Bloggers commenting does really suck.