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December 2012

As a reminder, the point of these, in addition to just recapping past work, is to create a way to navigate quicker than going through the blog's old posts manually, but more informative than just looking at the post titles on the "Blog Archive" at the side of the page.

The Living Daylights (Buy this movie) - Quite possibly the best bond film.  I tend to just call it, "The one with the cello."

Blink (Dr. Who episode) Did they do this? - Apparently not, but it would have been awesome.

General Stories/Ideas for Stories:
How Santa does it - Someone had to explain at some point.

So you've just been turned into a zombie - So you've just been turned into a zombie.  You're slower, your fine motor skills are lacking, you can neither speak nor sign, your walk is a sort of shamble, but that doesn't bother you, does it?  Because suddenly everything is so clear to you, finally, at last, you understand what this was all about all along.

After the Zombie Apocalypse: The lack of cold medicine - A much more traditional take on zombies than the above.  It's really the little things that matter.

After the Zombie Apocalypse: Memories of Oil Rigs, a helicopter, a tank, and battle tactics - Same universe as the above.

The wrong Sacrifice - When the deal is that you sacrifice one member of your village to the monster each year, and then you sacrifice a passing hiker instead, the monster might not like that.

Fantasy Reconstruction, how do you do it? - Genuine question.  Your average orc has presumably been indoctrinated since birth into evil ways of thinking and has no idea how to do anything than make weapons and war.  How do you, the victor, get them to adapt to a peaceful non-evil society?

Mermaid Story: A beginning - One of many things I need to get back to some time.  Teenage boy on a beach awaits the return of mermaids who promised, ten years ago, that if he showed up on this day they'd turn him into a mermaid.

What I want to happen in newsrooms - I don't care if you go with 'Trust but verify' or 'Trust no one' but the bottom line is we're not printing anything we haven't checked.

Greek Mythology:
The line of Tethys and Okeanos (Part 2)Part 1 was in November.  This part deals with their offspring through their eldest sons.  It has the beginning of the Daphne and Leukippos story.
More on Daphne and Leukippos - The ongoing saga.

A couple conversations of Cassandra - When you can see the future, but no one will believe what you say based on that future sight, conversation can be ... difficult.

Rewriting Greek Myth Index - It needed an index sooner or later.

The Daphne and Leukippos story in one post - The first part was buried in genealogy, the second on its own, this is the whole story in one place.

The line of Theia and Hyperion Part 1 (Helios) - The stories are totally more fun, but the genealogies are a way to sort things.  So Minotaur, that time the sun nearly set fire to the earth, Odysseus getting marooned, and so forth.

Edith and Ben:
Step into Sunlight - Ben sees Edith in sunlight for the first time.

Snarky Twilight:
Who Knows? - Canonically Bella tries to make everyone think she's not with Edward, against his wishes, because if he kills her and people realize it was him he would then be mildly inconvenienced.  Snarky Bella has somewhat different priorities.

On The Road - Bella and Edward drive to a location Edward refuses to disclose.

Vampires Sparkle - Snarky Bella views the meadow and Edward in sunlight.

General Left Behind Stuff:
Mr Nicolae Carpathia ate with relish the inner organs of beasts... - Sort of an experiment, using Joyce's Ulysses as a base making a left behind story.

Skewed Slightly to the Left:
Apocrapha: Why Amanda was allowed to sit in on the meeting - Possible explanation for why Amanda was allowed to sit in on a supposedly secret meeting.

On and On it Goes - Loretta, Verna, Alice, Cameron, and Jane continue to try to do what they can in war torn Chicago.

The First Good News - What it sounds like.

Rayford has some time to think - And they are not happy thoughts.

From my slow trek through Deus Ex:
Deus Ex Index - The creation of the index page was meant as a promise that more Deus Ex posts would be coming, it's been more than a year and four months since then.  No new Deus Ex posts.  I am a failure.

Depression stuff:
Coping, and lack thereof - Having spent most of my life with it I got pretty good at coping with depression, when treatment started working I found I couldn't cope nearly so well with the things depression had been masking.

Curling up in a ball on the floor doesn't work with glasses - It doesn't.

New post up at the Slacktiverse - Matters only because I don't think I ever moved Coping with Depression, the post mentioned, onto this blog.

Did I mention that I've run out of hope? - Basically what it sounds like.  Not a long post.

Image Stuff:
They say never lift with your back... (snow) - Three pictures (before, during, and after) of the snow that I shoveled hurting my back in the process.

The end of an Era - The end of the era of people coming to my blog looking for information about the Mayan calendar.  Used it as an excuse to post pictures of sunrises, sunsets, and my dog and cat living together.

It's probably not actually Jesus' birthday - Images of a Christmas tree.

It's a white Christmas - I found my camera, took a picture of it snowing, better images of the tree.  The star burnt out, improvisation for the win.

Playing with a picture (of a tree) - If you don't know what I do with pictures by now, this is as good of an example as any.  Think of it as low tech digital impressionism by someone with no artistic ability.

Me Stuff:
The President stood me up again. - One of the various problems with the Obama administration has been communication.  Often time something doesn't get done for very good reasons, but the administration never tells anyone those reasons.  So, for example, this post.  "Hey, y'all.  I'm coming to see you." Few hours later, "Scratch that, forget I said it, no I'm not saying why."  Would have gone much better if the second statement had been, "There's been a tragedy that has forced me to cancel my plans."

School - Just where things stood.

If the world did end today - Freeverse poem.  Poetry connoisseurs may wish to steer clear lest their eyes bleed.

Anyone up for a movie? - One of those just there for completeness things.  I asked if anyone wanted to go see the Hobbit in IMAX.

The time has come to rant about Windows again - Until they make an "Install updates automatically EXCEPT FOR PARTS THAT REQUIRE RESTARTING," setting this time will come repeatedly.  Why is it too much to ask for to have a computer that says, "We've installed updates that won't be complete until you restart.  Would you like to restart now or at some later time of YOUR choosing?"

Good and Bad in everything (or, my life sucks, but it's sometimes good before it reaches that point) - Being a member of my family can really really suck, but there is often a tendency for things to be good before that.  They just won't let things end well and instead insist on dragging things out until something goes horribly catastropically wrong.

Plan for Blizzards - Description of an ordeal that could have been avoided if either of the involved parties had thought to ask, "But what if there's a blizzard?"

And my grandmother is dying - What it sounds like.
An Update: My grandmother died. - Spammers fucking love this post.  Thank you for dredging up bad memories spammers.

An update on school - Exactly what it sounds like.

The world at large stuff:
Would you kill Hitler? - Time travel brings up difficult questions.  Stop the Holocaust and you effectively kill off everyone alive today.  Which is the moral choice?

On the accuracy of the Mayan Calendar - People say it's very accurate.  It's not.  Instead the Maya had a very accurate understanding of its inaccuracy.

Bureaucrats - Most seem to be good, yet people always seem to assume that bureaucrat means someone like the person I described in this post who, in my experience, represents the exception.

"Long live the- wait. Why is it 'live'?" --- Or how I learned to stop worrying and love the subjunctive - Want to understand grammar?  Want to not sound stupid when you speak/write?  This post is for you.

The Other Side Wants To Know Too - I think that the "I don't want to believe, I want to know," people are missing an important part of fundamentalism's lure: the illusion of certainty.

Transformative art/commentary/stuff - Originally meant to be an open thread prompt at the Slacktiverse it ran a bit long and ended up being a short article.

The power of explanations - Two different handlings of the canceling of events due to a tragedy.  I think the one where you explain is infinitely better.

What to do when the world ends tomorrow/today - This may come as a surprise but once upon a time certain people thought that December 21st 2012 would be a big deal in a globally catastrophic kind of way.

Collective bargaining, staying competitive, and cross company solidarity - If you agree to take a shitty deal to help your failing company your contract will be used as an argument to make the contracts at other companies worse.  If you don't you'll take the blame when the bad management causes the company to fold.  (I said it was failing.)  It's lose lose.

"Social Networking" is not a noun - I know what you're going to say, but it wasn't being used as a gerund.

Did I ever say why it's best to take the switch after door number two is opened? - Monty Hall problem.

Blog stuff:
Becoming a millionaire through blogging - Comparing various methods of monetizing the blog.  It's out of date now given that Amazon has dumped me.  The only way I've ever made money is when people used the Donate button, but at this rate in two years and 20 days I'll get my first payment from the ads.

My Spam's Spam - Significant discussion of Cyrillic in the comments.


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