Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Update on my mental state

Had an appointment with primary care physician yesterday.  Based on what's going on with what other symptoms I do have (the headaches have gotten much less severe to the point that they can only be distinguished from normal headaches by location) and the symptoms that I don't have (anything but the headaches and the one I'm about to talk about) the conclusion seems to be that while the concussion kicked off the extreme drowsiness that's had me more or less bedridden during any time spent alone it is probably not the reason the extreme drowsiness is sticking around.  Banged head doesn't seem to be the problem, at least it doesn't seem to be the reason the problem isn't going away.

Won't have an appointment with psychiatrist for a week.

I didn't attend classes yesterday.  I almost had a nervous breakdown.  I was actually in the beginning of having one but when I decided to stay home it didn't progress and eventually faded.  I'm not quite sure whether I avoided it or merely delayed it.

I wrote a handful of posts when I didn't have my computer.  I had hoped for more, a lot more, but only ended up with a few.  I'll have to get to work on transferring them from the notebook I wrote them in to computer.  (Mindless typing, oh joy.)

Possibly on that subject, or possibly not (depending on if inspiration hits me) I promise to have some kind of story post up today.

I've already talked about finances, don't want to go over it again, but for some reason something is sticking in my mind.  I remember at on time I was in a panic.  Heating oil I think.  Apart from the fall that broke my computer and concussed myself basically all of my problems this year have been heating oil.  Even my upcoming problems are because needing to pay for heating oil has prevented me from saving for other things.  Possibly it was heating oil at the same time as taxes on my home (taxes are quarterly.)

Regardless, someone donated 7 dollars.  "Someone" because I have no idea if that person wants zir name mentioned.  Compared to the size of the problem I was facing seven dollars seems like nothing.  But I appreciated it so very much.  I have no idea of seven dollar donator's finances.  It's possible this this is a complete misinterpretation of the situation.  Whether this is right or wrong, what it said to me was, "I can't help much, I might not even be able to help enough to make a difference, but I want to help some anyway."  And that meant a lot to me.  Months later and I'm still thinking about that seven dollar donation.

Which is not to disparage the other people who donated at the same time.  Without you I wouldn't be typing this.  I probably wouldn't have a home to type in.  Thank you all.

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