Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Princess Story Index

It's a story.  About a princess.

Also possibly the only story I've been working on that's being produced in strictly chronological order.

Part 1 - Introduction to the princess (of the kingdom by the sea) and also the political situation that necessitates a royal marriage (the only legal alliance strong enough to overrule belligerent notabilities' desire for war.)

Part 2 - The foreign prince and his sister (of the agrarian kingdom) approach the kingdom by the sea and discuss the situation.

Part 3 - The three royalty meet, and we finally learn some names.  The foreign prince and princess see the ocean for the first time.

Part 4 -  The three royalty have a quiet dinner together, since Melitta had already ruined formality.

Part 5 - Lara and Melitta start a journey.

Part 6 - Prince Apobammos notices his sister, Princess Melitta, is missing.  Princess Melitta and Princess Lara are having fun over the ocean on Lara's flying carpet.

Random Jotting of a part not yet reached

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