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January 2013

As a reminder, the point of these, in addition to just recapping past work, is to create a way to navigate quicker than going through the blog's old posts manually, but more informative than just looking at the post titles on the "Blog Archive" at the side of the page.

Movies and Games
Massive spoilers for the Hobbit and the new Star Trek movies, and probably anything else that comes into my head - The Goblin king was fun. Why did those swords not glow?  What do these people have against railings?  What's it like being a map maker when the mountains can get up and have a fight?  Who got the five rings?  Someone had to do it.  Was it Inigo?  Who?  What kind of a soulless bastard has floating cars and paved roads AT THE SAME TIME?  You don't get to lecture people about the prime directive while violating it in the most showy way possible.  Nu-Trek could probably work, mostly as it exists, if it were presented as Airplane (absurd comedy) but on a space ship.  Old-Kirk compared to Nu-Kirk.  AND MORE!

And another thing - I do not understand the orc and goblin economies.

Difficulty settings, Dark Forces, Deus Ex, TNM, and Mirrors Edge - Some musing on difficulty settings.

Fractured Mirror: idea for a hypothetical game based on Mirror's Edge - One of the nice things about writing about games rather than actually making them is that you don't have to worry about things like practicality or budget constraints.
Fractured Mirror: Post II - More thoughts on the hypothetical game.

General Stories/Ideas for Stories:
Very Beginning of a tentacly story - Three paragraphs, from years back.  The main character has a moment of introspection forced on by the thought of impending death.

Band Story - The band story, first mentioned here, is something that's been in my head in fragments for quite a while and I at one point took to calling something along the lines of, "Twilight if you replace 'abusive' with 'supportive' and 'vampires' with '(female) band members'."
Band Story Start -The beginning
Intentionally Lost in Translation - The exact same post as above, but translated by automated software into and out of Japanese 11 times.  You've just got to read it to understand the point, basically.  Doing so out loud might add to the humor.
Band Story, early middle I think - Main character is asked by members of the band what instrument she'd like to learn.
Band Story, very late middle - Insecurities, consent, and such.
A Job To Do - Once upon a time there was going to be a ghost story anthology, this story (one of the few that's actually complete) was written for it.  Follow our heroes as they don't let the fact that they died stop them from completing the mission.

The beginning of Something - When I was in high school I started writing a novel, I burned out after around 90,000 words.  The novel was simply called "Something'.
Some more of the beginning of Something - Because I thought the above excerpt might be a bit small.

Summary of beginning of story with evil monsters - When evil monsters invade the world one person assumes ze is going insane and, not liking the potential results of that, pretends not to notice them except when absolutely necessary.  This actually makes said person relatively safe for the time being because the monsters themselves don't think someone who ignores them is high on the threat list.

Christmas Truce inspired story idea - I want a story where an unofficial truce on the front lines can't be broken by those in charge and instead spreads until it engulfs the whole of every military involved and the war is forced to end.

Zombie Survival Guide: Translator's introduction - A survival guide for Zombies, by Zombies.  This is the introduction of the person who translated it into English.  The idea was to have So you've just been turned into a Zombie become part of a larger work in which zombie strategies were communicated to newly turned zombies.  Never got around to writing more than those two pieces though.

The space thing story maybe in medias res beginning maybe - I didn't even remember that I wrote this.  I'm not sure how I feel about it on rereading.  Any feedback is welcome.  Of course feedback is welcome on all posts always, so ... yeah.

Interesting ways of making word salad (Post 1) - Was supposed to be the beginning of an attempt to make, hopefully funny, gibberish by starting with Left Behind.

Greek Mythology:
A quick summing up of the Odyssey - "Quick" is relative here.  The thing is an epic, after all.

General Twilight/Vampire Stuff:
The height of weapons technology - *Movie trailer voice* In a world where vampire teeth are the most deadly thing around...

Random Bits of Twilight (circa yesterday) - Edward dazzling people, Edward as an angel?  Edward as a butterfly?!

Edith and Ben:
And so it begins - The very start of the story.

Snarky Twilight:
Bella and The Doctor have a short conversation on Weeping Angels - Why can't you kill a stone?

Anything that begins has to have a beginning - The Snarky Twilight version of the beginning of the book.

Skewed Slightly to the Left:
Why you will fly this plane - The Antichrist ought to be able to make threats that are actually scary.  So he does.

From my slow trek through .hack//Sign:
.hack//Sign: Boggled Minds - The Silver Knight and Subaru discuss Tsukasa and it is revealed that even the system administration, who should be akin to gods as far as the game goes, are at a complete loss when it comes to understanding the situation.

Depression stuff:
Don't minimize other people's problems. - Mostly just me venting.  But the title is generally good advice.

Check who the exhaust might hit before venting - I speak as someone who people vent at when I'm ill prepared to deal with it all the fucking time.

Me Stuff:
To any readers with ADHD - I asked how they coped.  Now they think I don't have ADHD, just some undetermined thing that shares certain symptoms.  Oh joy.

Regarding stamps - So I've got this silly and wasteful childhood dream, all I need for it is a metric fuckton of stamps.  What is it, it's not a secret, it's a surprise.  No, I am not a James Bond villain.

Back to school, but crunch time over (for now) - An update on my life, academically speaking, at the time.

In which I again prove I know nothing about programming - Some things that I wanted to do.  If I can figure out where I put them I have programs that do those things now.

On ASL - My experience of starting taking ASL

On hypocrisy - Person who was bullying me in ways typically reserved for middle school said that the only thing she didn't like about me was that I did this one thing.  The same thing she does constantly.

Apparently I won for most creative attempt to map the tripartite soul onto the Trinity. - I didn't even know there was a contest.

Caffeine, and scams I wish were real. - Some scams are inexplicable because the alleged business model would actually work just find AND not get you arrested.

The world at large stuff:
Not mean; but be. - Originally posted at the Slacktiverse (here), this is my thoughts on what to do when you, as an artist, find your intended meaning conflicting with the already existing parts of the work.

Is there software for parsing text into bare grammar? - I think I ended up using Senna.  It's been a while since I worked on any of the projects that require that, but not for lack of interest.  Point being, if you know of any such software that's good, please do tell.

Those tips for saving money - For example, the one that I see most often is, "Don't buy a latte every day," to which I respond, "If I were rich enough to buy a latte every day I wouldn't be in money trouble, now would I?"

Ok, so, Bureaucracy - The government is too small.  Anyone who has ever been forced to wait and wait at a government office knows this.  There just aren't enough customer facing employees to handle the load and hence the long wait times.  In this post I speculate that it might have another problem.  If your staff is already too small, maybe it's harder to get rid of the people who do shitty jobs.

On the utility of paperclips - People really underestimate them, in my opinion.

What are the best free books? - A lot of stuff is no longer bound by copyright.  What's the best?  Also, what's the worst?

Given that today is Martin Luther King, Jr Day - I recommend reading the Letter from Birmingham Jail.  This post has some of why I make that recommendation.

Ah... bureaucracy. - Ongoing tribulations.

We're all thinking it, I'm just going to come out and say it - Look at a picture of Hillary Clinton from this period in time.  Don't those glasses look a little familiar? *cough*TimeLord*cough*

My sister and I have differing ideas of the question of evil - The systems in which people find themselves can cause them to do horrible things without even consciously realizing it, but when people are suddenly face to face with the evil they have done, what determines their response?  I think they do.  Good people try to fix things, bad people try to do whatever is best for them.  My sister thinks it's more about how they're approached.  Are they put on the defensive or do they feel the person letting them know that they've done horrible things is being nice and understanding.  The post is a lot longer and more in depth.

Blog stuff:
August 2012 - Just like this, but for a different month.

I'm thinking of doing a sort of theme month maybe (Beginnings) - Was a thought for January.  (To do the starts of stories.)  Also contains a list of beginnings that had been posted on the blog at that time.

Ping - I tried to get readers to sound off.

September 2012 - Just like this, but for a different month.  I was probably trying to get caught up.

Blogger is messing up my footnotes - So if you should see borked footnotes, tell me.

[Insert post title here.] - A usual post if you remove all the content.



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