Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hope springs in a sort of lasting way that we're told is eternal but really who can say?

So, donations.  Since I asked/pleaded/whatevered for donations in mid last month up through today I have gotten a handful, a very impressive handful.  Am I financially secure?  Not a chance in hell.  Is they sky going to fall at the end of the month?  It does not look that way.

It looks like my money problems, both big and small, have been successfully deferred until next year.  Which means that, once I play a sort of musical chairs with the places money is stored:
- I will be able to settle up with the university for this semester thus allowing me to sign up for next semester which I will likely be late in paying for but that's not as important as getting that much more time* to try to get my mental problems sorted out with a team that knows me.
- While I won't be able to get out of debt** it looks like I can stay ahead of the interest and thus never have it collapse on me crushing my future.
-I will not become homeless, at least not in the near future.
-For the first time in a long time it does not seem like my life is an inavertable train wreak.

So, thank you donatey people.  Thank you so very much.


*  One semester isn't that long, but it feels like if the world can stop collapsing around me we're close to getting me to be an actual functional person.  Which is the reason that I've stayed in school longer than I need to.  I want to be fully functioning before stepping out of university.  The plan has been, for quite some time, to graduate at the end of next semester (whether or not fully functional), but it was starting to look like there might not be a next semester, now that doesn't seem to be a risk.

** Under current circumstances, which I have always wanted to change but it seemed like I didn't have time.  The point here is that "won't be able to get out of debt" there is a baseline scenario.  If I can improve things then it becomes, "Will be able to get out of debt."