Sunday, December 29, 2013

More talk of fundraising

I think I've found something that I enjoy that, while not about to solve all my financial woes, could possibly give me some additional income.  Maybe I could open an etsty shop or something.

This is good.  Here's the downside, basically all projects require you to spend on supplies beforehand.  Which I have done.  So I'm now even deeper in debt, and in a fortnight and a day it's back to school which I need medically more than academically.  This is the semester I'll graduate, you see, which means this is the semester I have to make the transition away from a medical team that knows me to one that is available to non-students and my insurance will cover.  So that's thousands of dollars of debt on the way.

And I still haven't paid for the fixing the tooth part two.  (Another one thousand two hundred in debt.)

Thus I really would like a way to do fundraising via the blog.  As I've said before, I'm always amazed and grateful at how begging for money , but I'd like to be able to give something back to those who help me beyond, "I'm not yet so broke I have to give up on blogging."

But what to give back is harder to work out.

Most of what I do is writing, but I can't write stories on command.  I mean I could try, I could say, give me a big donation and I'll try to write a story matching what you ask for when you send the donation, but it might not happen because I can and do have dry-spells and lack of inspiration and so forth.

Lonespark suggested less major writing related things like rather than writing a whole story writing in a character with the name or attributes the donater asked for.

Lonespark also suggested maybe something non-writing related, for example image manipulation which you can see examples of in these posts:

Sparklegul - Single image single scale manipulation
Sparklegul revisited - More of the same but with a technique I'd later adapt to hiding the blur of scaling.
Defiling the Mona Lisa - Using the previous technique for scaling while adjusting the colors in various ways.
Ana's Avatar - Various techniques
Ana gets the Dragon Treatment - Dragon process used on another image
The Great Eye and I opened another shop - The dragon technique used used to bring the image to a much more massive scale.
Playing with a picture (of a tree) - Previously used techniques
Destroying the Classics: Starry Night Part 1 - This is going back to single image single scale manipulation.  This scales things down so you can see the entire image.  The problem is that it also loses the details that make the images what they are.  Hence part 2.
tiny dinosaur - Multiple scaling up shenanigans.
Destroying the Classics: Mona Lisa by Van Gogh - An early attempt at combining to images by taking textures and such from one and mapping them onto the other.
We Are Star Stuff - Five examples of the same technique, each one combining textures taken from an image of globular cluster M15 with an image of myself and lonespark.  Thus showing the variation possible since all of five came from combining the same two images.

And I suggested that if there's an ongoing thing I've worked on that you want me to do (say you think it's been far too long since I wrote any of Where Antichrists Come From and you want more and want it soon) if you donated and noted that preference then I could move it to the top of the Things I Have To Get Back To stack.  That doesn't mean a new installment would be the next thing posted.  There might be something else before the Things I Have To Get Back To Stack can be touched.  (I have five posts on the game Long Live The Queen scheduled to post, for example.  And some things need to be written before I forget them and thus are moved to the front of the line regardless.)

And if anyone has any suggestion for, "You could offer to do Y to people who donate," then please share it.  Because I always need seem to need money (at the moment more than usual but less than averted catastrophe of at the beginning of this month) but I want to be able to give something back to those who donate.

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