Monday, December 16, 2013

I have no heating oil

First off notice that I didn't say, "I have no heat."  I actually have a fair amount of heat, enough that I didn't realize I was out of heating oil until I tried to take a shower and discovered that there was no hot water beyond what had already been in the pipes.

The reason that I have no heating oil is that the heating oil company put about an eighth of a tank in when they'd been asked to put rather more than that in.  As a result of that there's a credit on the account meaning that all that needs to happen is for someone to contact the heating oil company and tell them to use that credit to buy however much oil it will pay for.

I can't be that someone because it's not my name on the account and more importantly I don't even know the company's phone number.  If one needs to know an account number I'd be even more screwed.  So I contacted the person who does know these things, whose name the account is in, and who the company is used to dealing with.

To recap: all that needs to happen to fix the situation is to tell the heating oil people to put in oil that's already been paid for.  That seems pretty simple, right?

It notably does not involve phone calls in which my sister orders me around and implies that if I take my sleep medication I won't be awake for her possible but by no means definite arrival and thus screw up all the things.

Generally speaking, I'd rather be forced to abandon my home in order to seek out the nearest homeless shelter than get unsolicited life-fucking-up "help" from my sister on one of the two most stressful weeks I'm likely to have in a year.

So why in hell my situation was communicated to my sister without event asking me if it was ok is lost on me.

Because if there is one thing that I definitely do not need it's her trampling all over my life right now.


  1. I'm sorry


  2. I'm deeply sorry to hear that. I'm in a similar situation--choosing between basic life functions and contact with damaging people--and it really sucks. I hope whoever involved your sister does not do anything like that again, and that you get through the next two weeks okay.

  3. I've managed to avoid the worst of dysfunctional family situations. I've heard recommendations for the occasional dysfunctional family open threads at So with the proviso that practically everybody knows more about this stuff than I do...

    One of the things that makes bad family relationships worse than bad relationships in general is that there are people who will assume that bad family relattionships are impossible, that everything can be easily worked out, that anything to the contrary is just a momentary aberration. And so they come in with their great big boots and make things worse.

    I'm a very private person. I don't want the thing I said to person A shared with person B. (It is not a surprise that I regard social networking with -- not so much loathing as incomprehension. The amount of stuff that I want to tell everyone I know is so low as to be trivial.)