Tuesday, September 17, 2013

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It exists solely so that the last post, about Buffy and Angel being on sale, won't be the most recent post when it ceases to represent the truth.


  1. Speaking of which, I finished Firefly a couple days ago. Thanks for pointing out the sale. I enjoyed it quite a bit.

    It was also informative: did you know "I'll be in my bunk" is a reference? (At least, I'm guessing it is. I asked my mom (who was watching the show with me, and has been on the Internet for longer than I've been alive) if it was a standard phrase pre-Firefly, and she said "It's a standard phrase?". (Sometimes I wonder if she occupies an alternate-universe Internet. You start thinking the Internet's a small world, and then you talk to my mom.)) All this time, I thought it was just what people said. The things you learn watching an iconic show eleven years late.

  2. Hahaha, that's awesome, Brin. There are a lot of Firefly references floating about in the internet circles I frequent, and it's not always clear if that's the only place they're drawn from.

    "I'll be in my bunk," with a million variations is definitely popular in fanfictional places...

    "Big Damn Heroes," "Do crime," "Curse your sudden yet inevitable betrayal. / Mine is an evil laugh." "The special Hell." "She's our witch!" etc. (And pretty flowered bonnets, and YoSaphBridge, and "if we're lucky they'll do it in that order," And one of my personal favorites, "Take me, sir.. take me now...")

    The movie Serenity is even more catchphrase-y, probably.

  3. Gorramit, I hate when Blogger decides to log me in thru Teh Gooogul, instead of Open ID.

    Gorram frakking smeg, that is.

  4. Chris, perhaps you should make this a Whedon stuff post?

    I can't make myself want to watch Buffy or Angel. Generally speaking, Gina Torres can get to me give things a chance when I otherwise would not. Ron Glass too, sometimes.

    Plus cows in space, and the hard-scifi feel of the 'verse. Kinda like playing Oregon Trail In Spaaaace, or Solarquest if anyone else knows that game.

  5. "She's our witch!"

    That is one of the harder ones to recognise as a Firefly thing out of context, yeah. (It's also a big part of why I was so surprised when, quite a while later in the season finale*, they act as if "River's psychic" is a revelation rather than something they've known or at least strongly suspected for ages.)

    *According to the DVD order, anyway. The descriptions in the "deleted scenes" section implied the DVD order was the intended one, and things got scrambled on the way to broadcast. (And it's still three episodes later in the airing order.)

    I can't make myself want to watch Buffy or Angel.

    Buffy has a lot of good parts, but it also has a lot of embarrassment-squicky parts. I might not have made it through if I'd been old enough to have a choice. (It's been longer since I watched Angel, so I'm not sure how it is on the embarrassment.)