Monday, September 2, 2013

Computer update (again)

Ok, so here's the deal:

Of three laptops (primary, secondary, tertiary) I have one working screen (tertiary, thank you Ana by the way) one semi working screen (primary, imagine a world without red) and one screen (secondary) that has been stepped on recently by only the god of technology knows who.  It might, and this would be annoying, even have been me.

It has been suggested that I let everyone know this because it obviously has an effect on my output and anyone following the blog might like to know about that stuff.

I wish there were a way to make this a more interesting post, something involving dragons perhaps, but a computer update will always, likely, be as boring as a computer update seems likely to be.  It is itself, it cannot help but be so, and there's really not much interesting about, "Between my three computers I have only one fully functional screen."

That screen, by the way, belongs to a nice little computer that cannot accept CDs/DVDs.  That's annoying.  It would obviously be better if I could watch DVDs in full color and do the same with games on CD.


  1. Is transplanting DVD drives possible? Probably not, if they're laptops.

    (All computer problems involve dragons, from where I'm sitting on my pile of gold.)

  2. Yeah, that really sucks. The government should give writers a computer and internet allowance just like hungry people get food money. (It would, of course, not actually be enough to buy/maintain computers, but it would help.)

    But you will be busy going back to school and being awesome for a bit anyway.

  3. I generally blame computer gremlins. It combines interest and the avoidance of it being my fault. Not that I am saying you are to blame for your computer problems in any way. I am saying I am usually to blame for my computer problems and prefer to avoid recognizing that fact. Particularly since I have a talent for stupid computer problems.

    Unfortunately true story:

    Me: The touchpad on my laptop doesn't work but the up and down keys do and so does a mouse when I attach it.

    Best Buy Computer Dude: Do you see this button at the top of the touchpad?

    Me: Now I do, I never noticed that before.

    Best Buy Computer Dude: That is the on/off key for your touchpad. See, now the touchpad is on and works fine.

    Me: I would like the earth to swallow me now, thank you. *slinks away in shame, vowing never to return to the scene of my humiliation*


  4. I think I'm going to need a new primary computer. Certain letters on the keyboard have stopped working. (And the monitor still doesn't show red.) So it's one of those "fuckity fuck fuck fuck" situations.

    Unfortunately secondary and tertiary computers are that way for reasons, they can't step up to become primary. And I have no money for buying a new computer.

    1. USB keyboard? Or have I said this before?

  5. I have done that, too, Kay.

  6. And fuckity fuck fuck indeed, but at least now you have access to school machines?