Thursday, September 5, 2013

More computer updates (some even good)

Secondary computer has had a successful screen transplant and is now as functional as it was before it was stepped on. Yay.

The problem is that secondary computer, and tertiary computer, as useful as they are in their own right, are not up to the task of being primary computer.  They simply aren't.  Unfortunately primary computer doesn't seem to be either.  It's on a steady decline.  Most recently it's stopped accepting charge. Computers don't work without power but all is not lost.  I have a computer of the same model that I got for parts; Right now it has become a battery charger for primary.

But the fact remains: at some point I am going to need a new computer.  One not as old as secondary and not a netbook-like tertiary.  (Other than the wireless going out tertiary has been the only computer without significant problems. It's also, unfortunately, the only one without a DVD/CD drive and has less power than a regular laptop of equivalent age.  It is, none the less, very useful.)

The problem with needing a new computer is this: money.

Even with a couple of quite generous donations (thank you) if I throw in all of my savings I'm only about half way toward paying for my tooth.  So I need the money for the rest of paying for the tooth before I can say I have zero, rather than negative, money to spend on a new laptop.  A good laptop isn't cheap.  Hell, a bad laptop isn't cheap.

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