Monday, September 16, 2013

Good fracking God it's been a while since I posted something interesting, hasn't it?

I haven't been keeping up on my reading like I should (the deconstructions of both Fred Clark and Ana Mardoll have gone woefully unread, and thus inspired no fiction), I have been having a life in the place known as real life which takes time away from internet pursuits.  I've also been in a dry spell writing-wise anyway meaning even when I do have the time words: they are not coming.

Had a dream on time travel, still trying to unravel the rules it followed to see if there's anything salvageable.  Bad guy was the Queen of England who favored a form of time travel that involved putting your present consciousness in your passed body (and could also be adapted to the non-time travel act of bringing your past body to your present consciousness (de-aging) thus allowing for effective immortality.)

This (the time travel) was considered absurdly reckless by the good guys who were forced to work in the exact same spot as the Queen of England's people lest they tip their hand that they knew she was evil and start a time travel war instead of the much less destructive spying and counter-moves that existed.  The reason it was considered reckless is that bodily traveling into the past allowed one to do what they intended and step out of the way, allowing historical inertia to guide things onto a not-completely different path.  Changes could be small and controllable.  On the other hand putting your present consciousness into your past body doesn't allow for getting out of the way and letting history take over.  You're in that body reliving events and unless you do everything exactly the same except for the one thing you wanted to change, you'll be constantly knocking history off course.  It might not be that bad, but it likely will because it results in a constant history breaking force thus preventing inertia from ever taking over.

Also, for some reason, it didn't change the time from whence you left all at once.  (Yes, that makes no sense, ask me about A Sound of Thunder, the movie with Edward Burns not the short story, some time.)  There would be a rolling series of changes that made it so those in the time you left were never sure if they were in a stable timeline or about to be erased as the changes continued.

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