Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My tooth and Pledge Drive

Remember how I had to have root canal work done, remember how that in turn necessitated a crown being put on my tooth (the root canal happened because that tooth had had so much work it couldn't hold itself together, the root canal fixing was even more work, thus without a cap to hold it together it would fall apart again), remember how the bill for the root canal almost wiped me out but the crown was done in a separate appointment and hadn't come in yet?

How do I put this?  Right:

Please give me money.


Seriously, this crap is not cheap.  I've already got other stuff I don't know how I'm going to pay for and this is yet another thing that I can in no way afford.

There are other things I'd like to ask you to donate to me for (some literary analysis type stuff that will involve buying multiple copies of the same book; some engineering type stuff that will require raw materials and experimentation, some puzzle type stuff that will require 3d printed masters and* possibly materials, probably other stuff I'm not thinking of right now) but for the moment: I have a working tooth.  It works so well I don't even notice it most of the time.  Please help me pay for it.

There are often rewards associated with pledge drives.  Alas, I've got nothing.  Sooo.... if you give me a thousand dollars (that's more than anyone has to spare, right?) I'll write a story with a character named after you in it, you can give me details and plot points and whatnot that you want, but I (generally) don't do depressing endings.  At least not intentionally.  So none of those for this pledge reward.

While I very much doubt anyone will give me that much money, if someone does I will stand by the above thingy.


* Since I accidentally knocked over the black half of the thermoset plastic (which I could have sworn was called theroset not thermoset) and it had settled so it might not be at a proper mix even after shaking now.

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