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June 2012

General Stories/Ideas for Stories:
Omphalos workers - So, one theory goes that God wanted the world to have that lived in feel, so the signs that it's older than the creationists think are just a result of that.  It didn't really happen, it's just that reality was built to look aged.  Like prefaded jeans.  This is one of the angels working on that talking to another.

Abel's death was faked, an idea I probably won't get back to - Sort of along the same lines as the above in terms of inspiration, but a completely different direction.  Cain and Abel find something that couldn't possibly exist, a remnant of human habitation predating their parents who are supposed to be the first humans, in order to investigate without anyone knowing they're investigating they fake Abel's death.

General Twilight based stuff:
Why don't you eat people? - When Bella asks why Edward doesn't eat people he throws the question back to her and is horrified by the fact she doesn't seem to have an answer other than, possibly, that she hadn't considered it before.

Snarky Twilight stuff:
The Most Important Question - Edward and Bella disagree on what that is.

General Left Behind based stuff:
NRA - Are you Rayford Steele - A hopefully more realistic version of the conversation when a soldier is trying to find Rayford in war torn (post mushroom cloud) Chicago.

Skewed Slightly to the Left: Cameron and Chloe during the war - In a moment of peace Verna overhears Cameron call his sister, and Chloe prepares herself for what is to come in the shelter she is to lead.

Left Behind Lacunae - The NRA Traffic Jam - So Buck and Chloe and such are heroes, but everything we see on the page seems to contradict that, clearly what is needed is for us to read between the lines.  As is done here.

From my slow trek through .hack//Sign:
Kinds of Power - I use a meeting of Subaru and Sora as an opportunity to discuss the very different kinds of power they each have.  Subaru's power flows from an idea she has worked to support, which has made her Subaru, leader of the Crimson Knights, one of the most powerful forces within the game but has left Subaru the individual character with little physical power of her own and also isolated her socially.  Sora's power comes from leveling up, making him one of the most powerful individuals within the game, but left him with only violence and the threat of violence as means of persuasion.

Can't give up - Mimiru say's she's giving up, I talk about why her character, her ethos, won't let her do that and compare her to Neoptolomus in Sophocles' Philoctetes.

Color My World - Tsukasa reaches out to touch Aura but before he does he suddenly has a flashback to an unpleasant event in his childhood.  Afterward, DVL tells him to imbue Aura with his own color and promises to protect him.  I talk about all of this in depth.

From my slow trek through Deus Ex:
Training - Part 9: Final Exam - I go through just some of the myriad ways you can go about completing the task of "Cross the 'river' without getting killed by the robot."

Other fiction related stuff:
Mirror's Edge and my playing of it was the last post of the previous month, it was designed to be a spoiler free version of a Mirror's Edge post.  As such it kind of goes hand in hand with two of the first posts of June:

Mirror's Edge Spoiler Post 1: The plot - Exactly what it sounds like.  A post describing the plot of Mirror's edge in some depth.

Mirror's Edge Spoiler Post 2: What I would do differently - Again, exactly what it sounds like.  The changes I would have made had I the power to have done so.

Game Stories and a desire to go of the rails - Because of the nature of the way one interacts with a game it is theoretically possible (though perhaps not economically feasible) to tell a story in which the choices you make can send the narrative spiraling in directions other than the default.  I want to play these stories.

Why the destruction of the first Death Star doesn't leave most mourning - It is my long held belief that what we don't see is as important to our judgement as what we do see.  The dog that didn't bark in the night solved a case for Sherlock Holmes.  Not what did happen, but what didn't happen.  It is my contention that what didn't happen in Star Wars is the reason that the destruction of the first Death Star isn't a source of great moral ambiguity.

Other Stuff:
Viewing the Transit of Venus - My sister and I viewed the transit of Venus, I couldn't get a picture of Venus, so instead I have pictures of my sister and myself in welder's helmets.

My sister has radicalized - I'm not in favor of hoping that a victorious Romney will run the country so far into the ground that it will spark a revolution.  I'd rather try to make things get better, not worse, in the here and now.  My sister, at least at the time of me writing the post in question, was not of the same mind.

Today was not a good day - Trigger warnings for rape apologia and abusive relationships for a start, plus the general crap that comes with being a part of my family as a sort of background radiation for the stuff that stood out most.

Why you should always vote, even when you don't like the options - My take on the matter.

Proper subsets, the size of infinity, and the Trinity - Started with a discussion of theology, someone brought math into it, this is my contribution.  It's about how something can be only part of something else, and yet be equal in size to it.

When in doubt, Comment - How else will I know if anyone particularly likes what I'm doing on here?  I can see how many pageveiws something gets, but not what the people viewing the page thought.  For all I know everyone thought it was the most worthless thing they had ever read and wasn't worth the time it took to read.  If you don't feel that way, comment.  It will not start the zombie apocalypse.

Happy 2π day - I wanted to return to my irrational defense of pi by making a video called Defending Pi on Tau day.  Life intervened and instead I just wrote a recap.

Index making, is there (free) software to help with this? - The answer seems to be no, but you could click over to see exactly what I was talking about and maybe it will turn out that you do know of something.


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